Monday, August 27, 2012

Israelis Send Out Pamphlet Telling Their People To Prepare For War

The Israeli government has sent out a mass mailing telling the Israeli populace to prepare for war.

It features Israeli Sesame Street character Moishe Oofnik, Israel's version of Oscar the Grouch.

The 15-page booklet tells Israeli show to prepare a safe room or shelter, how to respond to alarms and how to utilize gas masks if necessary.

The IDF is claiming that this is just a normal civil defense precaution. I don't think so.

An Israeli military source said on Monday the emergency pamphlet was part of a regular, public awareness campaign and noted it also included advice on how to act in the event of an earthquake.

"There are always innovations the public needs to know about, it doesn't mean anything is going to happen today, tomorrow or the next day," the source said. {...}

The pamphlet urges Israelis to have a "family talk" about getting ready for any national emergency.

"You should find the proper time to have the conversation -- not during mealtime or when you are watching television. It should not be held after a family argument or when you are agitated about some other pressing matter," it advises.

(h/t, Carl)


B.Poster said...

This is a really great idea on the part of the Israeli government!! I wish the American government would do something like this for our people. We never know when Iran will choose to launch their attack on us. Also, when will Russia choose to use their nuclear option against us. Also, when and where does China plan to launch their military attack on us. It seems unlikely they are not going to target the American homeland.

Things like distributing gas masks to the people along with instructions on how to use them are good ideas. Also, something else the United States government should do is to build nuclear fall out shelters where the American people can go when the nuclear attack against us happens.

Israel has managed to survive in a sea of hostile enemies since 1948. The story of this survival is one of the most remarkable in human history. If US officials did nothing else, they would be well served to study Israel to see what lessons we can learn from them that might assist us in our nation's survival. If you want to be the best, study the best!!

Independent Patriot/Elise said...

One of my favorite characters is Moshe Oofnik. Iremember when by sons were toddlers I would put in the VCR the Rehov Soomsoom videos so they woudl learn about their Jewish heritage and Israel. Such a society that Israel needs to teach its children to prepare for war. Meanwhile the spoiled brats of the US Jewish community whine because they can't take that two-week vacation to the Vineyard this year due to economic issues. Some people really make you sick don't' they?