Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Huge Fire In Jerusalem Quelled - 4 Palestinians Arrested for Arson

מטוס כיבוי סמוך לירושלים (צילום: מיכל בן נעים)

(Photo: Michal Ben-Naim)

Two large fires that broke out near Moshav Even Sapir in the Jerusalem area and in the eastern Carmel are have now been reported contained.

Over 40 firefighting squads from Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh and two airplanes were involved in putting out the blaze.

Acting Jerusalem Police Commissioner Menny Yitzhaki said that four Palestinians have been arrested in connection with the fire. Since the blaze was set at multiple locations, the authorities investigating the cause are almost certain arson was involved.

And of course, the Palestinians have a track record in these matters.

Again, that cultural difference....

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