Thursday, August 09, 2012

Syria's Assad Regime Appoints New Prime Minister - A Sunni

Syria's President Bashar Assad has appointed Syrian Health Minister Wael al-Halki as prime minister, after the defection earlier this week of former Prime Minister Riyad Hijab to the rebels.

Like Hijab, al-Halki is a Sunni, from the southern province of Deraa where the Sunni dominated Islamist revolt against the Assad regime started.

A bit of a risky promotion if al-Halki still has any family back in his home province!

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louielouie said...

isn't this how things are done in that part of the world?
in europe, you make alliances by marrying this prince to that princess. sort of a kissing cousins of europe sort a thing.
in the mid-east, you make alliances by driving a wedge between different tribes.
which does explain the close association between islamists and dimocrat/liberal.