Thursday, August 09, 2012

Two Of The Ramallah Lynch Perpetrators Arrested

Back in October, 2000, at the beginning of the al-Aksa intifada, two Israeli reservists, Vadim Norzich and Yossi Avrahami(Hy"d) made a wrong turn, were captured by Palestinian security forces and jailed in Ramallah.

Arafat's security forces then allowed them to be assaulted by a mob and literally torn to pieces. After they were dead, their bodies were mutilated in classic Arab style.

Arafat and the PA did their best to suppress all mention of this in the press, even threatening the lives of photographers at the scene. But the shocking images that leaked out documented what happened.

It's now been revealed that two Palestinians who confessed to taking part in these murders were arrested last June by the Shin Bet, Marwan Ibrahim Tawfik Maadi, 51, and Yasser Ibrahim Mohammed Khatab, 40. Indictments were filed against them with the Judea Military Court on Sunday.

A third person already convicted of participating in the murders, Abed el-Aziz Salha, was released last October as part of the Shalit deal. He had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Israel needs capital punishment badly, so the temptation to make these kind of 'deals' is eliminated, as well as the incentive to kidnap Israelis like Gilad Shalit for ransom.

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