Tuesday, August 28, 2012

James O' Keefe Forbidden To Travel To Tampa By Feds - After Class B Misdemeanor

Well, I suppose that's one way for the Obama Administration to retaliate against someone who showed up some of their pet leftist causes.

Conservative film maker James O'Keefe, busted ACORN for abetting child prostitution, NPR of being willing to endorse Palestinian terrorism in exchange for what they thought was a huge donation from a Muslim Brotherhood front and claimants that voter fraud was a non-issue by going in to a polling place and getting Eric Holder's ballot.

But after pleading guilty to a class B misdemeanor - entering federal property (Senator Mary Landrieu's office) under false pretenses, his travel rights were restricted. So he had to address a luncheon sponsored by the James Madison Institute via Skype:

Tanja Clendinen, the institute’s communications director said O’Keefe was not granted permission by the government to travel to Tampa.

"He is currently on probation from some of his Louisiana investigation activities, and his travel permission was revoked,” she said.

Via email, O’Keefe said the event was a success.

"The audience was pleased to learn that we are building an army of citizen journalists and investigators who are now in almost every state working to protect the American people from voter fraud by exposing deficiencies in the security of our electoral processes,” he wrote to POLITICO. “We talked about the series of highly successful and publicized voter integrity investigations which have helped to shape the debate surrounding this vital issue, and which have prompted responses from governors, attorneys general, and state legislatures since January of this year."

He added: “With respect to the handling by the government of the misdemeanor case against me, we discussed the fact that my videotape in Lousiana was destroyed and the circumstances surrounding that event, the fact I was cleared by the government of all felony charges, and whether it’s grossly disproportionate at best or unconstitutional at worst to restrict the travel of a journalist for three years following a class-B misdemeanor."

In other words, they threw the book at him to the extent they were able...in sharp contrast to Minister King Samir Shabazz of the New Black Panther party, illegal aliens and Muslim Brotherhood figures who aided and abetted terrorism. all of whom the Obama Justice Department refused to prosecute.

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louielouie said...

the link describes what he did to get his class b misdemeanor.
people enter the U.S. house and senate chamber every day under false pretense. they are called senators and congressman. nothing happens to them.