Thursday, August 09, 2012

Should Romney Campaign Aide Be Fired For Her Response to 'Romney Murdered My Wife' Ad?

After the outcry over the despicable and blatantly false ad put out by Obama's super PAC priorities USA claiming, essentially, that Mitt Romney murdered a laid off steel worker's wife, one of the few talking points the left has left on this is the fact that Romney campaign aide Andrea Saul stupidly chirped up a statement to the effect that, 'hey, if this woman lived in Massachusetts, she would have had health insurance because of Governor Romney's health care plan.'

Greg Sargent over at the Washington Post made a particularly adept spin attempt using those remarks.

Of all the things that could have been said about this, Ms. Saul's response was unbelievably inept, considering how unpopular government mandated health care is among Americans in general, not to mention the GOP base.

A number of people, including Ann Coulter are calling for her to be fired forthwith. Are they right?

As much as I agree with Ann Coulter on the sheer idiocy of the response, I don't think it would be a good idea to fire Andrea Saul. It would seem vindictive and petty, and would be played up by the Obama press as 'see, he fired her because she told the truth. '

Considering that the Obama campaign's only leg to stand on is inventing Romney negatives, among which is a portrait of him as a heartless plutocrat, firng Ms. Saul would provide yet another talking point. It would also give Andrea Saul's unfortunate remarks additional legs as a story.

Far better to 're-assign' her to a place where she'll have no contact with the media whatsoever, along with a stern warning that anything she says that gets picked up by the media will result in her immediate dismissal.

Canning her for stupid would be appropriate, but unwise from a campaign standpoint.

Also, as I mentioned, this ad opens up some doors. Far better for the pro-Romney super PACS to spend some time and money making their own ads on President Obama's character and history in office, and I have a number of suggestions here.

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louielouie said...

as much as i don't agree with AC, i did agree with her on this.
for that matter, as part of a bigger picture, what the hell are all the mccain losers doing on mittens staff?
as for the saul thing, when i read ff essay, and explanation, now i don't know what to think about saul.
then there is this:

to spend some time and money making their own ads on President Obama's character and history in office

that's the rub isn't it?
will they?
if the mccain staffers have anything to say about it they won't.