Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chris Matthews, Aging Democrat Racist


Chris Matthews went nuts on MSNBC's Morning Joe the other day, accusing RNC Chairman Reince Priebus of 'playing the race card'.

It was a usual Matthews rant, yelling out talking points and then interrupting Priebus when he tried to answer. The attack was so crazed that even Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were visibly embarrassed.

For his part, Priebus merely said afterwards that Matthews made Priebus' point by being 'the biggest jerk in the room' and referring to 'the ten people who watch his show'.

Interestingly enough, Matthews got schooled by Newt Gingrich in a subsequent interview on whom the real racist was...since Matthews assumed that welfare recipients were black ( most are white)and even used the phrase 'black buck using his welfare check to buy liquor' when he got rattled.

Can you imagine a white Republican using that racist phrase?

Chris Matthews exhibits the classic bigotry of low expectations. In his fantasy world, of course blacks are welfare recipients who need the Democrat massa from the plantation to see to all their needs because they're incapable of self-reliance. It's time people called him on it.

Just in passing, shills like Matthews don't come up with this crap on the spur of the moment. It's almost always planned and coordinated with the Obama Campaign in advance, just like George Stephanopoulos' off the wall question to GOP presidential candidates on birth control when he was 'moderating' a debate was a set up for the entire Sandra Flouke/War On Women theme a few weeks later.

President Obama will get a high majority of the black vote, but he needs a massive turnout. Playing the race card, including Joe Biden's remark about how Republicans want to put blacks back in chains is how he's going about trying to get it.

Black Americans will have to make up their own minds over whether they're willing to be played and used in that cynical fashion.

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