Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Iran Has A Plan To Deal With Uppity Women - Ban Them From Universities

The latest news from the Islamic Republic concerns their way of dealing with the problem of uppity, educated women.

Apparently Iranian clerics feel that too many women are getting an education, and one that makes them far less agreeable to their religiously sanctioned role of becoming property.So they have banned women outright from 77 BA and Bachelor of Science courses of study, thus making them male only domains.

The courses affected include English literature, English translation, hotel management, archaeology, nuclear physics, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and business management.

Iran's Oil Industry University, which has several campuses across the country, says it will no longer accept female students at all and Isfahan University will no longer allow women to study in its mining engineering degree program.

What they're doing, essentially is excluding women from many of Iran's higher paying occupations. That's going to make them a lot more dependent on men and give women more of an incentive to be content with their sharia defined role.

Islam - the religion where women know their place - or else.


Independent Patriot/Elise said...

Hi Rob,
I wrote this about my father...if you think its for Watchers please put it in...


Yes I did write it under my aspergers blog instead of Libertys Spirit. But you can list it as both.

louielouie said...

as much as i'd like to, i can't blame this entirely on islam. however, it is an excellent example of the duplicity of ra......., ra......., ra........, islamists.
if it isn't their religion, it's their culture.
if it isn't their culture, it's their religion.
i think this is an example of their culture.