Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney Heads To Storm Ravaged New Orleans - Where Obama Has Yet To Appear

Fresh off his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, Mitt Romney will be visiting the storm-affected areas in New Orleans today.

While it's not Katrina, Isaac has done plenty of damage and there have been record flood levels that topped the levees in several areas.Almost a million people remain without power.

A Romney aide told ABC News that Romney will “join Gov. Jindal and will meet with first responders, thank them for their work and see areas impacted by the storm in LaFitte, La.”

Jindal cancelled his plans earlier this week to attend the Republican National Convention after Hurricane Isaac moved up the Gulf Coast and wreaked damage across Louisiana. Two deaths have been reported in Louisiana as a result of the storm and widespread damage and flooding. The storm hit on the seven-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

According to the ABC News story, Governor Romney had been planning this trip during the convention and had scheduled the trip to occur as soon as the convention ended.

President Obama, meanwhile is out campaigning. The White House has not announced any plans for the president to visit the hard hit area.

Figuring out why President Obama is giving the storm hit Gulf Coast a miss is actually pretty easy.

He knows he isn't going to carry the Red states of Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, and therefore touring these areas isn't a priority for him. What votes he will get in these states will come predominantly from black voters, and his thinking likely is that he doesn't have to do anything much to get them anyway.

This president behaved similarly during his term when it came to Kentucky, Nashville, northern Texas and other disaster areas located in Red states.

It's the Chicago way. No political payback, and it's off the radar.

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