Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mitt Romney Stops Off In NJ When Jewish Wedding Party Requests A Photo-Op With Him!!

As Mitt Romney and his staff were speeding towards a fundraiser in Lake Terrace, NJ, they ran into an interesting Orthodox Jewish wedding party posing for pictures outside a synagogue. The wedding party promptly grabbed their cameras and ran after the governor's motorcade, according to a pool report filed by Yahoo’s Holly Bailey:

Immediately, the family abandoned the bride and groom and began chasing Romney's car in the parking lot, waving cameras. The candidate's SUV drove around a corner to a back entrance, followed by at least 10 members of the wedding party who tried to run up to Romney's car by were halted first, by a wood fence, which one man tried to scale, and then by Secret Service agents, who did not look pleased. "Oh you're Secret Service," one woman said, as she was asked by an agent to move back. "We just want to see Romney."

Your pool is now holding in a room ahead of Romney's remarks at the private fundraiser, set to begin in about one hour. Per spokesman Rick Gorka, Romney is going to pose for photos with the wedding party, but the campaign will not allow the pool to witness this event.

( both photos by by Charles Dharapak / AP)

It looks like they like him...and it was typically menschy of the governor to be willing to stop and take a few photos.

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NavyOne said...

I love this. What a great story. It hope it makes the news cycle, but I am not optimistic. . .