Monday, August 13, 2012

Obama Administration Officially Decides To Ignore Palestinian Incitement

No real news here..this just makes it official:

The US is currently opposed to the reestablishment of the long defunct Israeli-US-American committee to monitor incitement, Strategic Affairs Ministry director-general Yossi Kuperwasser intimated on Sunday.

In a briefing to reporters following a cabinet meeting where he brought the most recent “incitement index” to the ministers’ attention, Kuperwasser said both Israel and the Palestinians expressed a willingness to set up the committee, though “we don’t hang much hope on it.” A “third party,” whom he did not identify, but which was clearly the Americans, was not interested, he said.

Diplomatic officials said that the US did not feel that at this time, with the diplomatic process at a stalemate, the establishment of a committee to look at cases of incitement would serve a constructive purpose.

A joint Israeli-Palestinian- American committee on incitement was set up in 1998 under US auspices. The Israeli team was led by the late journalist Uri Dan, who was a close confidant of Ariel Sharon, and the Palestinian side by Yasser Arafat’s spokesman Marwan Kanafani. Sharon was foreign minister when the committee was established.

The committee disbanded after about a year with little to show for its works, except for continuous arguments.

The bottom line, Kuperwasser said, is that Palestinian incitement is “going on all the time,” adding that the phenomenon is “worrying and disturbing.” He said that at an institutional level the Palestinian Authority was continuously driving three messages home: that the Palestinians would eventually be the sole sovereign on all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea; that Jews, especially those who live in Israel, were not really human beings but rather “the scum of mankind”; and that all tools were legitimate in the struggle against Israel and the Jews, though the specific tool used at one time or another depended on a cost-benefit analysis.

Kuperwasser provided the ministers with abundant examples of Palestinian incitement culled – with the help of the Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI – from Palestinian television, newspapers and textbooks.

Not that it matters at this point, but both the Oslo Accords and the Road Map specifically mentioned an ending to anti-semitic incitement by the Palestinians as a condition of those treaties..which the U.S. was a co-signatory to.

It was thus the basis of U.S. aid to the Palestinians and American support for a Palestinian Arab state.

The Palestinians have never honored that condition in the slightest. And apparently, that's no never mind to the Obama Administration either. As least previous presidents mentioned it once and while, even Mr. Bill.

The motivation for Fatah and Hamas isn't hard to understand. Aside from what's in the Qu'ran, their main interest is genocide, and indoctrinating up and coming Hitler youth for the cause of jihad. Especially when they pay no penalty for it.

I'll leave the Obama Administration's motivations to your imagination.

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