Friday, August 31, 2012

John Nolte At Breitbart On Clint Eastwood's Speech

Breitbart's John Nolte has an outstanding piece out on 82-year-old Clint Eastwood's superb takedown of Barack Obama last's a slice:

For four long years we've waited, hoped and prayed that some young comic would break free of the politically correct demands of The State and mock Obama the way all presidents and all people in power should be mocked. But for four long years (with a few exceptions) all we've seen instead are cowardly toadies of The State: Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Chris Rock, the cast of "Saturday Night Live"…

Since Obama won the presidency, comedy has pretty much gone straight to hell as our Entertainment Overlords morphed into pathetic lapdogs to The State; begging for scraps of attention and affection from Obama, and in the process becoming stale, lazy, dull, predictable, painfully unfunny, and like a needy poodle -- more than a little annoying. {...}

Eastwood hit Obama in every sweet spot we've been waiting for him to get hit on: The incompetence; the lies; the empty, pretentious rhetoric; the inexperience; and that roaring blowhard of a moron Obama chose to be a heartbeat away.

Oh, and the empty chair. Other than an empty suit, there is no sharper metaphor.

Eastwood also made one of the very best points of the night: WE own this country, and when someone doesn't do the job "we have to let them go."

As I mentioned last night, it was utterly brilliant satire, and predictably, the media has gone absolutely berserk, calling Eastwood senile, 'embarrassing' even suggesting he was drunk or on medication.

Nolte has the ultimate comeback for them:

Go to hell you Obama-shilling crybabies. Eastwood showed more grit and honestly in those few minutes than you water carriers have during your entire propaganda-for-the-collective careers.

What Eastwood did tonight was funnier, fresher, edgier, and braver than anything those comedy cowards Chris Rock, Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert have done in 15 years.

82 years-old, and Dirty Harry is still pissing all the right people off.

My hero.

He is indeed.

Go here to read it all, and see a video of the highlights. You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

You really should pick up a paper before you post. The news today is that the Romney camp - Anne Romney especially - is furious at Eastwood because his rambling mumblings went way over time and they had to scrap a video about Romney that was by all accounts very well-done. The video was a big tear-jerking humanizer that would lead into Romney's speech, but they had to dump it for what your friend Nolte somehow describes as comedy.

Though I know you'll stick to your story even if Romney himself chews out Eastwood, I'd like to get it on record that here's one Obama voter that's glad the video wasn't shown in prime time. On the hand, the video could have bought Romney some extra supporters. But instead we got to see a confused, old man, talking to a chair. I know which version of the GOP I'd rather see presented to the American public.

All the best.

louielouie said...

if i were gonna guess, the republican establishment is more pissed about this than the hussein people.
i bet the republicans are falling all over theirselves apologizing over this.

Rob said...

Anonymous, when you show me an on the record quote dissing Clint Eastwood's speech from Ann Romney or anyone else connected with the Romney campaign who isn't labelled as an anonymous 'senior Romney adviser' or 'operative' by the likes of the New York Times, then we'll talk.

Until then, it's propaganda.

Not all of us believe what we read or hear in the Obama media, and they outright lied far too often to have much credibility with anyone paying attention who has even the slightest respect for truth.

Clint Eastwood got under Obama's skin big time, and I guarantee you the call went out from the Obama campaign today to their media lackeys to demonize him as 'embarrassing' 'senile' and even drunk or on medication.

My question for you is a bit different. Why would you say you're an Obama voter who wanted to see what you characterize ( without seeing it) as a video showing a positive side of Mitt Romney?

If you're an Obama supporter, you have to believe that Mitt Romney is everything the Obama campaign says he is - a tax cheat, a felon, a murderer and a heartless,racist plutocrat who wants to see old people eating dogfood and blacks back in chains.

Why would you want to see someone you support demonizing in this way being shown in a good light?

The video, BTW, can always be shown later. Clint Eastwood's superb performance was an impromptu moment that could never have been scripted.

Rob said...

BTW, here are some actual Ann Romney quotes on the matter:

Asked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” about Eastwood’s rambling, unscripted speech, the wife of the Republican presidential nominee allowed that she was “grateful for his support,” but quickly heaped much more effusive praise on Olympic athletes and fellow Mormons "that knew Mitt so well" who also spoke on behalf of her husband Thursday night. Those testimonials did not reach the vast majority of viewers because they were delivered before 10 p.m EDT, when the networks opened their live coverage.

On CBS on Friday morning, Romney again quickly segued away from Eastwood’s performance. “You can never take away from the fact that this country is in trouble,” she said, “and people are looking for real leadership and that I know that Mitt is the man for this moment.”

BTW, that's the notoriously biased, Chicago Tribune owned Los Angeles Time's subjective judgment that it was more effusive praise. She might actually simply have been trying to be nice to people who came out to support Governor Romney and weren't shown on TV.

Same with her 'quickly segueing away' on CBS Who says? And maybe she was just staying on message.

There ARE no quotes by Ann Romney or any other person close to the campaign dissing Clint Eastwood's speech.

It's nothing but left wing unicorn farts and pixie dust.

Anonymous said...

My question for you is a bit different. Why would you say you're an Obama voter who wanted to see what you characterize ( without seeing it) as a video showing a positive side of Mitt Romney?

That's because I didn't say that. I can only guess that you skimmed my post. My comment above reads:

"I'd like to get it on record that here's one Obama voter that's glad the video wasn't shown in prime time."

You're absolutely right that I didn't see the video, but I have seen several republicans on tv today (Britt Hume, Karl Rove, the usual suspects) bemoaning the fact the video wasn't shown. They went on and on about how good it was. If that's the case, then (to repeat) I'm glad the video wasn't shown and I'm glad that the only thing anyone is talking about today is Clint Eastwood.

And thank god for that. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were brilliant tonight on the Eastwood affair. Please continue to praise Eastwood. For the love of god, PLEASE keep him in the news.

PS: If I were running a convention and were paying for prime time tv coverage, I would definitely not put a hollywood celebrity on stage without first reading his prepared remarks. If he said he had no prepared remarks, I'd kindly ask him not to speak. Is this the kind of smooth efficiency we can expect from a republican president?

Rob said...

Your quote anonymous: "I know which version of the GOP I'd rather see presented to the American public."

That could be easily construed by most normal people as a typical lefty feint - 'Oh, I'd love to see the Republicans become more moderate and more just like us progressives'.

Thank you for the correction, but it still doesn't answer my basic question, which I'll parse more plainly since it obviously didn't register:

Why the f@!# would you care one way or the other since you think you got what you want?

One more thing....your inability to understand exactly how brilliant Clint Eastwood's satire was only shows your own lack of perception and your confusion, not Clint Eastwood's.

Trust me, the majority of Americans got it just fine, particularly the empty chair. The proof of how good it was lies in how the Leftist media went batsh*t insane over it.

They understood exactly how what Eastwood had to say resonated with ordinary Americans.