Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Darfur update

12 year old Darfur rape victim

The Islamist Sudanese government of Omar al-Bashir is adamant about not allowing any UN peacekeepers in...while using government troops and the Janjiweed militias, backed by warplanes to attack the region and finish off the jihad.

As I reported last week, negotiations are a grim joke.

al-Bashir has very little to worry about; he knows that Russia and China won't back sanctions or any UN action whatsoever, that the Islamic bloc in the UN supports him and that the UN will not dare to deploy any troops without his consent.

Genocide in the Sudan is happening because the Khartoum government wants it to happen. And the regime will not stop the jihad unless it's physically forced to.

Once you accept that, there are really only three alternatives:

1) Send in an army (call it a 'peacekeeping' force if you like) that can destroy the Sudanese armed forces and can expel the Sudanese government. That means going in shooting, and is highly unlikely - the UN Security Council as it's now constituted will never agree to that.

2) arm the rebels. Given outside assistance they can assistance they can at least fight for their lives and might even defeat the Sudanese government, especially if we enforce an arms blockade on Sudan. Net benefit? At worst a roadblock against the planned jihad in East Africa. At best, one less jihadi regime, and a Western friendly, oil rich country in place.

3) do nothing...the game's coming on anyway.

While we're making up our minds. here's a question: where's all the outrage and protests over this? Where are all the hundreds of TV cameras and network talking heads like there were following the Israel/Lebanon war? Where are the marches?
Or do they only magically pop up when Israeli `genocide' is involved?

If Islamic 'values' really are so much higher than the decadent West's,if Arabs really are "the best of peoples" [Qu'ran 3:100], then where's the outcry from CAIR, the MPAC, the Muslim council of Britain?

Why are the usual leftist `protestors' determindedly looking the other way? Is it because China, the Muslim world and Russia are backing the Sudan? If the US suddenly started backing the Sudanese government, would these same protestors come out of the woodwork?

I think we know the answers.

If as President Bush said, we're fighting `Islamic fascism', isn't it time we started?

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