Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Palestinians speak - `Hating Israel and killing Jews is more important than a decent life'

Today, the results of a recent poll were released by the the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during September 14-16, 2006 were released.

The poll showed that:

* A majority of 54% is dissatisfied with the overall performance of the Hamas government versus 42% who describe themselves as satisfied. Dissatisfaction with the Hamas government on economic issues, such as salaries and poverty rockets to 69% and satisfaction stands at 26%

* There are 84% who say that the situation of the Palestinians today is bad or very bad with only 5% describing Palestinian conditions today as good or very good. 80% say they and their families do not feel safe or secure in the Palestinian areas.

* 89% feel that the Palestinian Authority is corrupt, while 72% believe that jobs these days are largely obtained through wasta (personal and family connections) .

* Yet, despite the widespread dissatisfaction with the performance of the Hamas government, the percentage of those who say that they would vote for it if new elections are held today remains essentially unchanged since the last poll, standing at 38% compared to 39% three months ago.

* And a majority (67%) does not think that Hamas should accept the demand of the donor community to recognize Israel...only 30% believe it should!

Proof indeed that constant indoctrination through the schools, mosques and media can convince people to vote even against their own best interests.

" There will be peace when the Arabs love their own children more than they hate the Jews."

- Golda Meir, ex-Prime Minister of Israel


Anonymous said...

i dislike how the pally's are redefining words in the english language.
sister leonella was martyred.
going into a pizza shoppe, screaming allaahakbar and pushing a button is murder.

Tsofah said...

This poll showed more of the true nature of why the "Peace process" hasn't worked....there has never been a partner in the process! Why IS Israel expected to give up more land in order for there to be peace? I don't get the logic.

I mean, terrorists have been attacking Israel since 1948. They've been blowing themselves and others up in public places, shelling areas of Israel, and have had the Gaza strip for a year now with jobs gone, and farming unattended, and only pushing for the destruction of Israel.

So why reward terrorists by giving them part of a democracy that supports the U.S.? Why berate Israel for trying to stop terrorism? Why expect war, which was started by Hezballah, to be clean and neat, and no destruction for Lebanon, but expect Israel to be ok with destruction in it's country?

One-eyed justice just can't see a balanced view.