Monday, September 11, 2006

Hamas caves in ? Abbas claims that he and Hamas have agreed to form a `unity' Palestinian government

Hey, me an' Haniyeh, we had a sitdown an' we made a deal badda bang, badda's just business, ya know?

I take this with a large grain of salt, but Arafat II Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is claiming that he and Hamas have agreed to form a `coalition Government' in the Palestinian Authority and share power.

As with most organized crime type entities, the bottom line is the dollars - in this case, all of the aid money that Abbas can get his hands on that Hamas cannot, since a lot of countries, including the US rightly classify Hamas as a terrorist organization.

With Abbas as the front main, the aid dollars can start flowing again.

Hamas of course is not going to formally recognize Israel's right to exist but will finesse that by endorsing the 2002 Arab League peace plan put out by the Saudis, that says that if Israel retreats to the indefensible pre-1967 borders including East Jerusalem and land like Ariel and Gush Etzion that was actually legally purchased through the Jewsih National Fund from the Arabs and overrun in the 1948 war,frees all of the terrorists in Israeli jails and allows itself to be flooded with Palestinian `refugees' and their descendants, the Arab nations will comit to undefined `normal relations' least for as long as Israel still exists.

Abbas apparently also got Hamas to agree to the so-called Prisoners' Document, which also calls for a national unity government and for all of the terrorists in Israeli jails to be released, regardless of their crimes. That document, by the way DOES NOT involve `recognizing' Israel either, and the problems Hamas had with it were the parts about a unity government and sharing the swag and the power with Abbas.

Abbas also promised, as part of the bargain, to call off the strikes engineered by Fatah by Palestinian public employees...which means that some of the garbage, the inanimate kind will be picked up in Ramallah and Gaza.

Meanwhile, heavy weapons and missiles keep coming into Palestine via Egypt and Rafah.

What I'm wondering is whether Bush will conveniently forget about not providing aid to a government that includes terrorists. Apparently, that answer is yes, based on all the money we're giving to Hezbollah/Lebanon.

Stay tuned....

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