Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The ISM moves from just enabling terrorists to becoming terrorists

I've written here before about how the anti-Israel International Solidarity Movement has been involved in shielding terrorrists and enabling their attacks on Jews.

According to an article by Carl in Jerusalem for Israel Matzav , the ISM has moved beyond that to actually fighting for the Palestinian
terrorists against Israeli civilians.

Stop The ISM had an undercover volunteer infiltrate these scum, who recruit inthe US and Europe. The volunteer was recruited by the ISM at the airport and taken to the Faisal Youth Hostel, is managed by the main lead trainer for many ISM “volunteers,” Hisham Jam Joun, a PFLP terrorist wounded while fighting Israelis in Lebanon over a decade ago. This hostel and another ISM nest next door called the Hebron Youth Hostel have yet to be ordered shut down by the Olmert government even though they have apparently been made aware of what goes on there by the Shin Bet.

In the first photo above, 4 members of the ISM hang out at the hostel with one of their Palestinian handlers, with the two women disguised as Orthodox Jews. A cache of AK47's is covered by a white cloth behind the chair of the ISM'er in the baseball cap.

In the second photo,the wanna be terrorists break out and brandish the smuggled weapons the weapons for a little fun.

According to the article the volunteer said that the guns were brought out of the cache by the Palestinian handlers. Carl wonders if the hardcore ISM wanna be's undergo weapons training by the PLO and Hamas?

If a new intifadeh commences, the ISM, with their western appearance and passports could be valuable fifth columnists.

According to the article the two women managed to get out of Israel before being arrested, and are probably recruiting more wanna be Jew killers back home in Ireland and Sweden.

The two males, from Ireland and Scotland are now in Israeli custody.

How many more like them are there, I wonder?

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Anonymous said...

if they need some instruction on how to fire them thar weapons, zarqawi(sp) can sure help out.
oh wait, he's dead!!!!!!