Thursday, September 07, 2006

Things get REALLY heavy with Disney - Senate Dems threaten their broadcast license over `The Path To 9/11'

"Nice little broadcasting business ya got there, Iger..too bad if something were to happen to it...."

Now I've really seen everything.

The same people that championed outright fiction like Michael Moore's `Farenheit 9/11' are in major damage control mode over ABC's planned `The Path to 9/11' broadcast and are even threatening Disney's broadcasting license if it's shown..all because it shows an accurate portrayal of how our security was compromised.

Senators Harry Reid(d-NV), Charles Schumer (d-NY),Debbie Stabenow (d-MI), Dick Turban er..Durbin (d-IL) and Byron Dorgan (d-ND) actually sent a letter to Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney, which owns ABC threatening their broadcast license if `The Path to 9/11' gets shown.

Obviously,the Democratic establishment is really, really frightened of the effect of ABC’s docudrama on the American public. In that, they agree with Islamists like CAIR and the Muslim Public Afairs Council.

Daily Kos are obsessed with shutting this film down.

Obviously, there's a lot about the Left's role in thwarting our security appartus they're afraid youmight find out.

Contact ABC. NOW. And urge them to do the right thing. - Contact ABC


Rosey said...

Okay, I sent a comment ot ABC. I haven't heard anything about this until now. I hate the Democrats. They're disgusting. I was there at the Trade Center on 9/11, and around the corner in '93. I take this stuff seriously, like a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

contact abc?
if this paints the klintons in a bad light, she won't be elected president.
there is a lot riding on this.
expect deaths.
just like before billary was elected the first time.