Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Who you gonna or your lyin' ears? The Dems manage to accuse someone of being a secret Jew and a Klansman in the same election!

When in doubt, use the race card, I suppose. At least if you're dealing with a conservative and it's a close election.

The Dems have managed to accuse a GOP candidate of being both a secret Jew and a Klansman..all in the same election!

George Allen(r-VA) is the incumbent running for re-election in a race that was targeted by the DNC, but without much success until he made a verbal gaff, calling an East Indian from the opposing campaign who appeared to be stalking his appearances as `macacca' a word that could have some racial inferences in a foreign country but has none here.

Allen got out of that by explaining that he was unaware of any racial overtones and apologizing..but apparently it gave the Democrats a few ideas.

The first shot was a totally out of the blue question by a `progressive' reporter on Allen's mother, to the effect of `are you now or have you ever been a Jooo or of Joooish heritage..and maybe a secret spy for the Israeli Mossad?'

Allen, correctly, went off on her, but later fumbled the ball by throwing in a couple of references to his love of pork products as a way of distancing himself..which somehow didn't sit too well coming from someone who has consistently been a strong supporter of Israel.

The Democrats, figuring that, after all, they already had both the Jewish AND the anti-Semitic sorry, `anti-Zionist' vote locked up, next went after the Black vote citing Allen's alleged use of the dreaded `N' word, supposedly in college. Two ex-teammates of his (both longtime Democrats) alleged that he had used the word in college, as did Larry Sabato, a well known political scientist and, to anyone who's looked at his site, another Democrat.

Now, this brings several questions to my mind.

George Allen has been a US senator and a public figure for awhile. Why are these people suddenly surfacing with their allegation now? Were they in hibernation? Maybe held as hostages by Hezbollah for the last five years? Lost in the Amazon? Amnesiacs, perhaps, cured by the miracle of stem cell research?

Or maybe, just maybe, is the current desperation in the Democratic party to regain power in this election cycle and Allen's giving them an idea with the `maccaca' comment have something to do with it?

There are a number of other people who knew George Allen in college and were on the football team with him that say this is a bunch of, er, hogwash. They somehow aren't getting the Main Stream media attention.

Sabato had a particularly suspicious way of handling this. When asked directly by a TV interviewer about the exact circumstances under which he heard Allen use racial slurs, his initial response was "I'm not going to get into that."

Now, let's say you and I were college classmates fifteen years ago and all of a sudden, I surfaced on national TV to accuse you, a politician running for re-election of using racial slurs. Would it be illegitimate to ask me to back it up with some actual hard information? To at least have the stones to directly say when and where I heard you pop off?

But Sabato, a member of the media culture in good standing, got a pass and was just allowed to spew and walk away.

Spew, by the way, is the right word. When Sabato was finally pressed for an actual answer a day or so later, he suddenly weasled out with a different story. Turns out, he later told USA TODAY political reporter Jill Lawrence that he never personally heard Allen use the n-word, but his story now is that he believes the senator did because "people I know and trust" have told him it happened!

Apparently that kind of ridiculous hearsay is enough to defame somebody and trash his reputation when a senate seat might be up for grabs.

Larry Sabato has some major explaining to do, especially as to why anyone should trust his impartiality and judgment as a political commentator anymore after this nonsense.

As for Jim Webb, the fact that he allowed this shameful travesty to go on in his name without condemning it out of hand is unfortunately a good indication of his overall moral character, and something the good people of Virginia should consider when they vote.

Them's some harsh words, but that's how I see it.


Anonymous said...

lucy ramirez told me the stuff about allen is true.
and even though it is false, the intent is true.
as for being a secret jooo, is that something that dean wormer can get to the bottom of. maybe after the election it will come out that allen is a double-secret joooo.
as for allen working for the mossad, that would mean that allen was killed when the plane he was flying hit the WTC.
i think that just about covers it.

Anonymous said...

I really hate this. They should be talking about policies, not each other's backgrounds. Just for this, I hope Mr. Allen wins his seat with an overwhelming majority. I couldn't care less whether his grandmother was a Jew or not, and so do most other voters in Virginia, I hope. About the n-word, the allegations have no solid evidence like you said, and even if he did say it, maybe he was drunk. He was in college, after all.

But the dems aren't the only ones who do this. Remember how Kerry was SWIFTed in 2004? No matter what opinions you have about him, I don't think you can deny that he served honorably.

It's all just one big steaming pile of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like some good dark humor, louielouie style. :)

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie, Nazar..

Nazar, I agree with you that both sides do negative campaigning, and I think you know I'm hardly a partisan, but puh-leese don't get me started on John Kerry.

I'm acquainted John O'Neill, and trust me, the swiftees only came out of the woodwork because Kerry made such a fetish of being a war hero and cast aspersions on THEIR service.

I'll put aside his time in the service, although Kerry outright lied about several things in the book that he was later caught out in, as you know.

And by the way, it's a matter of record that Kerry has never sued the swiftees for libel or signed the form 580 thatwould make his entire service records public,even though, as you also know, he has promised to do both things several times.

Let's just deal with his post Vietnam exploits - meeting with our enemies in Paris during wartime to discuss `political strategy' to undermine the home front while he was still in the Naval reserve(AKA `treason'), the totally bogus `winter soldiers' testimony before congress, his support and hanging out with the likes of Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, his assertions that he committed `war crimes' when our prisoners were being tortured by the North Vietnamese to make those kind admissions for propaganda....

In Hanoi's Museum on the Vietnam war, Kerry has an entire exhibit to himself as a hero for the NORTH VIETNAMESE.

What's more, as a Senator, Kerry quashed legislation in committee that would have tied commercial relations to Vietnam with mandated progress in human rights.

In Southern California,the heart of the Vietnamese emigre' comunity is in North Orange County, in Westminster and Garden Grove, where I have a number of clients. I assure you that John Kerry would have trouble even getting a cup of coffee in Little Saigon. First of all, nobody who recognized him would serve him and second of all people would throw rocks and bottles at him on the streets on his way out.

Again, I hate to seem like a partisan hack and you know I have many problems with Bush, but Kerry ....@#!$!!

Anonymous said...

hi nazar,
maybe he was drunk. He was in college, after all.

uh, nazar, i'm not trying to got "the view" on you, or MSM, or anything like that. but are you saying that all college students are drunk? and if not, could you please give me the number of a few colleges that are???????

Anonymous said...

i have not submitted an off topic comment in a while.
which is very unusual of myself....
so here goes.
i have seen where the president is soiling the white house with a dinner for karzai(sp) and mushroom(sp). the defacto leaders of two banana republics. who are our allies in the GWOT. ok, i only said that to keep nazar off my back. i assume it is a state dinner. all formal and everything. men in tuxes. women in burquas.............
i can just see it now, bush asking karzai(sp) how the opium harvest is going to be this year..........
bush asking mushroom(sp) how khan is doing.
anyway, i think this would be the perfect setting for one of those pie in the face gimmicks that the kos kids do so well.

Anonymous said...

louie, let's just say I've heard stories, ok?

And now, for a more serious matter, I turn to ff. None of the swiftees that came out against Kerry even served on the same boat as him!! And how exactly did he cast aspersions on their service?

My guess is Kerry didn't sue them for libel because
1. He was running in a highly contested political campaign, and didn't have time to go through with the court proceedings.
2. Politicians take the abuse when they campaign against each other. If he had sued, it would have made him seem like a complainer.

As for him meeting with "our enemies", I'd love a link or two. Till then, I regard this accusation with high skepticism. Kerry was never involved with Jane Fonda, and they had no personal connections, so I don't know where you're going there.

Kerry did the right thing with that legislation. The last thing we need is do-gooder politicians. I assume that you also want to halt trade with China as a result of their human rights violations?

Also, the Vietnamese community here has no respect whatsoever for the American contribution in the Vietnam War, so I wouldn't expect Kerry, or any other veteran, to receive red carpet treatment in Little Saigon.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
We have some differences on this one, I'm afraid.

OK, ok, I knew this might push a button...sorry about that!

For one thing, Kerry himself admitted meeting with the North Vietnamese in Paris to discuss `political strategy'..while he was still in the naval reserve. That kind of unauthorized activity is strictly forbidden by the Constitution, let alone for someone still in the military.

He may even have been disciplined or lost security clearance for it, which may be one reason he has never signed that form 580 to make his service records fully public even though he's promised to do so numerous times.

Also, the campaign has been over for two years. There's no reason he couldn't have brought legal action if he wanted to..accept, under rules of discovery, his complete records could then be suppoened, something the senator obviously doesn't want happening for some very good reason.

Second, its a matter of record Kerry also spent a great deal of time with Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden as an important part of the anti-war movement, one who not only put together a very useful organization from a propaganda standpoint (Vietnam Veterans Against the War)but who recieved national attention for his testimony in front of Congress under the auspices of his old family friend, Ted Kennedy in the `winter soldiers' investigations, where he admitted committing `war crimes'.

Every one of the allegations brought up in those investigations was proven false, and many of Kerry's supposed `veterens' who appeared at the hearings were later found to not be veterans at all.

I `catch-a-fire' over your disrepectful reference to the Vietnamese community here in America. They are almost to a man loyal citizens who love this country and have a visceral hate for commies..not surprising since a number of them were boat people who fled the communist gulags and were sponsored here in America by the veterans YOU claim they despise.

Any resentment they might feel towards the Democratic Left anti-War congress that took office in the wake of Watergate, who repudiated our pledged word to send them aid to defend themselves from the communists after we left and left them to experience untold death, slavery and totalitarian barbarity is fully justified..but in my experience it doesn't translate into hatred of America in the least..just poltroons like Senator Kerry.

A good account of the agreements we made with the South Vietnamese and Cambodians to end the war and how they were betrayed by us is in the second volume of Henry Kissinger's memoirs. I recommend you read at least the relevant parts.

It's something every American should feel deep shame for.

Here's a few links on Kerry:

Kerry spoke of meeting negotiators on Vietnam - The Boston Globe

FrontPage :: John Kerry, Criminal by Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer - Kerry Honored by Vietnamese Communists

Author: Kerry's Meeting With Communists Broke U.S. Law

Peter Kirsanow on John Kerry & Election 2004 on National Review Online

There's lot's more, but this should get you started.

My sincere apologies if you feel picked on or abused in any way..definitely not my intention in the least.

For what it's worth, President Bush has a lot of his own baggage,as I think I;ve tried ot point out...


Anonymous said...

So Kerry met with the commies in Paris, although he didn't attempt negotiations (I read all of the articles, believe it or not!). Is this illegal? Yes, probably. So why wasn't he prosecuted in 1971, when he did it? Why wait until the 2004 election? Like I said before, it's all political. Furthermore, you could make a good case for saying that Harvard inviting the former president of Iran to speak is a much more serious offense and criminal action than what Kerry did.

Don't forget that Kerry is also a senator from Massachusets. Being a senator is kinda time-consuming, y'know. Besides, it's like I said before, politicians take the abuse. It's considered bad form to go around suing people, and most of the time it's counter-productive to the politician who does it.

Yes, Kerry was involved in VVAW. Does that mean he was also personally involved with Fonda, other than attending the same anti-war rallys? I don't think so.

We seem to have some misunderstandings here. I don't agree with Kerry's visit to Paris, I think this, and perhaps his testimonies, were dishonest, dishonorable, and not at all befitting an officer. HOWEVER, Kerry got wounded three times, he got the Bronze and the Silver Star. Unlike Bill Clinton, he didn't run away to Oxford so he wouldn't get drafted. If anyone has earned the right to speak their mind, it's Kerry.

ALSO, I'm not at all suggesting that the Vietnamese aren't loyal. Hell, I even have a Vietnamese friend, and he's as anti-communist as they come. What I am suggesting is that most Vietnamese don't appreciate the American contribution in Vietnam. They think it was all our fault. Certainly America could have waged that war better, but it was the fault of the ARVN that they lost the war, not the Americans.

I've heard my Vietnamese friend's father say these things myself when we were having a converstaion. Among other things he stated, was that he'd rather be in Vietnam. Of course, they would probably kill him if he came back. I stand by my point. Most Vietnamese are good, loyal Americans, but when it comes to the Vietnam War, the American contribution is either bad or meaningless to them.

BTW, you're quite fond of pushing my buttons lately...

Freedom Fighter said...

Sorry! Truly...I admit to having a `thing' about Kerry and Clinton, and if you're feeling attacked I'll simply let that stuff pass in the future, as it has very little bearing on what's going on now.

I agree with you that Kerry served, and he has a right to voice his views. Certainly, he did!

I also think he should have been prosecuted for meeting with an enemy nation during war time. The reason he wasn't was because he came from an influential family with influential friends, and because of the political climate in the US at that time. I think Kerry, Fonda and Hayden ought to have been tried and imprisoned if convicted. What they did went beyond mere `dissent'.

Do try to read the part of Kissinger's memoirs I suggested.

After we left, Lon Nol in Cambodia and the ARVN had actually stopped the communist advance and were successfully defending their countries until the US congress broke the treaty we signed with
them to get Lon Nol and Thieu to sign off on the armistice and cut off all funding and military aid. This happened after Watergate, during the Ford Administration when Dr. K was Sec'y of State.

They literally fought to the last bullet.

I also stand by what I said about most of the Vietnamese I know.

I go to know a lot of them pretty well when I helped them fund a church building in Westminster.

Let's agree to disagree on this one and move on, shall we?

I'm happy to let you respond and have the last word.


Anonymous said...

Nah, it doesn't bother me in the least that we disagree about Kerry and Clinton. Matter of fact, I actually like the disagreement, it makes for an interesting conversation, and I learn something, too. Sorry if I responded too harshly, I certainly don't mean any disrespect.

The bottom line is, if you're from a good family, and if the climate is right, you can get away with a lot of things, and this applies not only to Kerry but to Bush and most other presidents and leaders.

It certainly was stupid of Ford to cut off all military aid to the ARVN when the Soviets and Chinese were arming the NVA to the teeth.

I guess you can say that I respect Kerry regardless of what he did in Paris because he bravely fought in Vietnam. In my eyes, he paid his dues, and I take it very seriously (maybe too seriously!) when I see a veteran disrespectetd.