Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It is time for Jews to think about leaving Western Europe

If I were a Jew living in Western Europe or Scandinavia today, with the possible exceptions of Switzerland, Denmark, Germany(!) and the Netherlands, I would seriously think about relocating to Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or America.

It's that bad, and the danger signals are that clear.

I dislike having to write this, because it means conceding the racist notion that Jews somehow should be proscribed from living in certain places merely because of their ancestry, but I'm primarily interested in saving lives here. And with the possible exceptions of the countries I mentioned above, none of the countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia are likely to do much to protect the Jewish populations of their countries from what I'm pretty sure is just over the horizon.

They will be too busy dealing with internal unrest and what may even amount to a virtual civil war in some places. And it isn't all that far off.

Sixty years after the Holocaust, with living survivors still among us, we are looking at the end of most Jewish life in much of Western Europe.

Anti-Semitism and virulent Jew hatred, often camouflaged as `anti-Zionism' has become so common in countries like Britain, Spain, Norway, Sweden and France that it hardly even merits a mention anymore. Tolerance for hate speech in mosques and open Islamic expressions of Jew hatred are a given. Attacks on Jews and desecration of Jewish religious sites is endemic, and usually whitewashed as ordinary street crime or mere vandalism in spite of the fact that the perpetrators are almost always Muslims targeting Jews - in fact, the EU's official report on anti-Semitism in Europe issued 2 years ago was whitewashed and `rewritten' in exactly that way. Leftist governments in countries like Spain and Italy and Sweden openly sympathize with Hezbollah and Hamas, and indeed the EU does not even consider Hezbollah, a group sponsored by Iran and with the murder of every Jew in Israel on its agenda to be worthy of condemnation or proscription in any way.

The EU funded Arafat's War against the Jews for years and continues to fund Palestinian terrorism against the Jews today. And much of the press in Western Europe and Scandinavia is so vociferously `anti-Zionist', particularly in Britain, that it has made Jew hating more fashionable and mainstream than at anytime since the 1930's.

At the bottom of this equation, of course, is Europe's ascendant Muslim population, who are responsible for most of the blatant attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions. They are the new `swing votes' for many of Europe's politicians.

The European Left, anxious to appease them and to appear politically correct have mostly had few problems in toeing the jihadist line when it comes to Jews and Israel. This attitude, they think, will buy them peace from Islamic terrorism. After all, won't the Muslims think along the lines of `the enemy of my enemy is my friend' and start behaving less violently in general if they're provided with some ready-made, easily dispensed with victims?

Of course, the attitude that jihad would stop with Israel and the Jews is a fallacy, but many Europeans simply haven't realized that yet, particularly in the political, journalistic and academic elites.

There's a tangible benefit for many EU politicians in colluding with this trend..the increased Islamic vote for whoever denounces Israel and the Jews the most and ululates the most about `profiling' and `Islamophobia'.

In Britain, for instance, ex-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was known for his pro forma denunciations of Israel. What wasn't as well known outside of Britain was his dependence on Muslim votes in his Blackburn constituency to return to office.

Britain's Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair made it official policy to increase Muslim immigration to Britain throughout his term, with the the idea that the new immigrants would become Labour voters. During the last election, Britain's Labour Party actually made Tory Leader Michael Howard's Jewish ancestry a covert issue in the last election, with posters aimed specifically at Muslim voters.

It worked rather well...and these messages are not lost either on Muslims or on European politicians.

Aside from all that, Jew hating disguised as `anti-Zionism' serves another cathartic purpose for non-Muslim Europeans as well.

Europe's dirty little secret is that many of the nations in Europe, including Britain, were directly complicit in the death toll of the Holocaust or profited by it. If they weren't turning over Jews to the Nazis directly, they were turning their backs on them and pretending nothing was happening, denying them refuge or reaping a profit dealing with the Nazis. And with the exception of nations like Denmark who have a well deserved, sterling reputation for doing its best to protect its Jews from the Holocaust, only Germany, oddly enough, has attempted to deal with that guilt head on by acknowledging it.

Having been down that road before, the Germans mostly understand the logical end to it.

For much of the rest, recreating Israel as the new Nazis of our modern age is a handy way of assuaging that guilt, of showing that the way much of Europe behaved during the Holocaust wasn't all that bad...I mean, look at what those vicious Israelis are doing in the `holocaust' they're perpetrating against the Palestinians!

Unfortunately, this isn't the only part of the trap closing in on the Jews of Europe. Aside from the hatred by most of Europe's Muslims and Leftist elite, there is a third class that is rapidly growing in Western Europe and Scandinavia as the problems with Europe's Muslims continue to spiral out of control.

There is an increasing movement among working class and middle class Europeans that is reacting strongly to jihadist behavior among many Muslims in Europe. There are whole sections of cities like Paris, Brussels and Malmo where non-Muslims are actually in physical danger, and where even the police rarely go unless they are in heavily armed bands. As crime, violence and terrorism increases against non-Muslim Europeans and the Leftist political elite remains out of touch, the frustrations in this group are boiling over and taking the form of nativist, right wing movements like Britain's National Party, which has seen its membership grow by leaps and bounds since the 7/7 bombings, the MoToons demonstrations and the apparent support voiced for sharia and jihad by many of Britain's supposedly ` assimilated' Muslims.

In the last French election, Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front party got a whopping 20% of the vote, while Muslims in France constitute at least another 20% of the electorate . And that was before Le Jihad Francaise last fall. Depending on how things go, Le Pen and the National Front may even do better this year. Add to that the leftist `anti-Zionist' vote and you can see why the Jews in France are quickly running out of friends, and are emigrating to places like Israel in record numbers. As things heat up, this pattern will be repeated elsewhere.

Some of these parties are less anti-Semitic and nativist than others, but by and large such groups have, at best, little use for Jews, especially if those Jews are perceived as left wing or `politically correct' and allied with the elites. And as these movements increase in influence, the Jews in certain European countries will face yet another group that resents them hanging around.

By nature, I'm an optimist, but I'm also not stupid and the signs are quite plain to me as to what is coming. What's more, I can't escape the conclusion that a great many Europeans will end up being just fine with this version of the Final Solution..no death camps to try to stay downwind of this time, no `ingathering' or messy arrests to ignore...just a line of people requesting visas because they are unable to stay and live in peace anymore.

Europe has traded 6 million Jews for 20 million Muslims and now appears to be poised to make some real progress towards finishing the exchange. They may yet live to regret it.

If I were a Jew living in Scandinavia or most of Western Europe, I'd be packing.


KG said...

I live in both New Zealand and Australia, and I certainly wouldn't recommend N.Z. to any Jews thinking of relocating.
Not that anti-Jewish feeling here in N.Z. is rife or anything like it, but when a Jewish cemetary was vandalised recently the government (leftist) was very slow to condemn it.
I have no confidence whatsoever that the N.Z. police or the government would move decisively against anti-Jewish activity.

Anonymous said...

i am curious about two issues in ff essay.
#1 ff lists canada as a site to consider relocating to. imo canada is north americas dirty little secret. what with the pending vote to allow the enforcement of sharia law, only for marriages i'm sure, riiiiight. and don't forget the atlanta/toronto connection.
#2 ff lists denmark. i'm not sure why but when the mo-toons were at their height, DS was none to keen on any support for denmark. she listed numerous occasions where demnark acted as ff said europe did during the '30s.
and now my little detail.
back before i advanced to joshuapundit, i was reading annika's journal. one comment she made was her amazement at the fascination of british women with middle eastern men. i forget what prompted her to make the comment, but what i thought of at the time was ........ the former princess of wales could have been married to a middle eastern male today if not for a DUI. how's that for political correctness in western europe? i also got the impression from more than one PBS special, that the owner of harrods, whathisname al-fahad(sd) is in/has outright contempt for the british crown.
as ff has often stated that the jooos are a precursor to events to follow, i hope benedict VI reads joshuapundit. he should also take the hint. the next pope may need to take the name dhimmitude I.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi KG,
Have a sitdown and grab a tinnie from the esky.

You're there, so you know better than I, but based on what I've heard from other Kiwis the NZ government would not tolerate the sort of blatant attacks on Jews that are commonplace in Western Europe.

My point is not the odd bit of vandalism, but a wholesale attack on Jews living there at all.

Hi Louie,
Canada has undergone a major change since the Harper government took over and the Toronto busts, and the attitudes prevalent in Western Europe simply don't exist there. if I'm not mistaken, the sharia law proposals were not implemented.

As for Denmark, they have the most aggressive terrorism laws in Western Europe, and are one of the few countries in Western Euope and probably the only one in Scandanavia that will not tolerate dhimmitude. Like the Netherlands, they have a strong, resiliant core that will likely save the country,and the MoToons flap and the riots in Denmark during Le Jihad Francais have made Denmark very aware of radical Islam.

Plus, unlike most of Western Europe Denmark has nothing to be ashamed of vis a vis the Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

So while muslims are mass murdering and creating havoc worldwide, it is the Jews that are the objects of hatred as a result. I feel I'm living in the twilight zone.

KG said...

You're absolutely right about the N.Z. government not tolerating blatant attacks on Jews. Most non -
Jewish people living here would be outraged if that were to happen.
But there is nevertheless an undercurrent of antipathy towards Jews that my Jewish friends tell me is growing and very real.
I dunno--as a gentile it's mostly a mystery to me anyway, why anybody would feel hostility towards a people who are almost invariably good citizens and an asset to any community.
Time for a beer--you reminded me. :o)

Anonymous said...

You know Straw's Jewish, don't you?

The difference you fail to get is that, possibly unlike the US, British Jews don't feel obliged to support Israel's policies.

(by the way, the total number of attacks, including graffiti and vandalism, on Jews and Jewish premises in the UK has remained broadly constant in the low hundreds for many years. The number of attacks on Muslims and Muslim premises has risen rather rapidly. Go figure.)


Anonymous said...

German here. Not antisemitic, not pro-dhimmitude.
But you guys need to get a grip! As the comment above said, attacks against Muslims and immigrants in general are much more prevalent. And ultimately those and attacks on Jewish cemeteries probably have the same sort of roots - ignorant people blaming innocent people for the actions of various "entities". In one case, it's Israel, in the other it's some sort of global Muslim conspiracy out to get us.

Let's face it, antisemitism in one form or another has always been around, and probably will be around for some time. There will always be knobheads who think it's fun to prove their worth by denying the worth of others. The trick is never to allow it to be legitimised - and the essay doesn't mention a single piece of concrete evidence that it is. Indeed, I recall the recent kidnapping and murder of a French Jew, that sparked tens of thousands of people to protest against antisemitism, despite the motive for the crime likely having been money.

I suggest you take a deep breath and leave the house once in a while. Yes, living in a multicultural society with so much change is not always easy. Yes, there will be tensions and conflicts. But that is not and never will be an excuse to start our own jihad on random crackheads who think this is Saudi Arabia II. If people break laws, the police needs to take care of it. If people simply have different opinions to ours, then in our culture that means we have to respect that. We are strong enough to do it, or do you really think that Qutbism is going to find much of an audience in mainstream Europe?
Liberalism and freedom of thought is what made Western civilisation great, don't forget. Denmark's "People's Party" and certain Dutch politicans are running the risk of forgetting.
But even if you were the type who couldn't care less about various Africans, Arabs and other immigrants being treated like subhumans - once that sort of thing is established to be okay, who is to say that you don't end up the next victim? Niemöller's poem will never lose its meaning, my friends.


ponchoponch said...

Le Jihad Francais????
Do you actually know anything about it??? It was in NO effing way a movement against jews, nor a racial riot as white black and arabic, christian muslim and YES jewish too! These kids were creating havoc all together!

It had to do with social classes, with victimisation of poor people living in the suburbs of french cities and its glamourization by some, not an anti-jewish movement by no means...

But i believe it serves your point to present it like that without any source for it other than some ultra-orthodox writers... liar.

I maybe should write a piece about the Jewish riots in Britain that aimed black kids? and how jewish people attack daily muslim-looking people and steal them? Yes that would be a lie, the same as yours, and it would fuel even more hatred between communities, i hope you are proud.

Just one thing: Are you trying to be part of the problem, or of the solution? choose your side.

Freedom Fighter said...

Good Morning, Y'all and thanks for dropping by.

I seem to have touched a nerve, particularly among some Europeans, based on this board and my e-mails. Well and good, and I compliment all of you on the polite level of your responses, with the possible exception of the aptly named `El Dookie'. I always respond in kind to such responses, time permitting.

Each of you raise interesting points.

Let's start with `Anonymous'/PDF.

I'm well aware of Straw's ethnicity, as well as the ethnicity of ex-Labour PM Oona King and several others who have sought to make political gain out of bashing Israel. Does that accident of birth make what they're doing right, or any less of a pandering? Does their ethnicity somehow validate anything?

That's a highly questionable attitude in itself, frankly.

Of course, in Ms. King's case, endorsing a basically anti-Semitic platform was not enough to make up for the inate sin of being born a Jew to the Muslim voters of Bethnal Green.

I also notice that you don't dispute that Michal Howard's ethnicity was made a covert issue in Labour's campaign. Ms. King suffered the same calumny, by Galloway and Respect, as we both know.

Finally, you mention that `unlike the US, British Jews don't feel obliged to support Israel's policies.'

That may be true for some of them, and Israel's policies are hardly above being questioned, but such an attitude is ultimately suicidal when the country's enemies endorse genocide as a solution to the `Israel' problem.

And BTW, it isn't just `Israel'. When Tony Blair, after the 7/7 bombings asked the Muslim Council of Britain to come up with suggestions to make British Muslims feel less alienated,number one on their list was abolishing Holocaust Remembrance Day.
At many mosques in Britain, the denuciation and calls for violence against Jews is routine, and beyond dispute to anyone paying attention.

Your contention that attacks on Jews in the UK has remained broadly constant for many years is disputed by a number of members of your own Parliament, who within the past week voiced concern at the skyrocketing anti-Semitism in Britain.As for the attacks aginst Muslims, obviously such things are not tolerable in a free society, but perhaps the perception of many of them as dangerous to Britain's freedom has something to do with it.

You have to `understand their rage', just as you undoubtedly told your fellow countrymen after the 7/7 bombings and the MoToons riots.

Lastly, about Israel's policies. I'm not sure which ones you refer to, but it appears to me that you think that Israel's conduct excuses having special rules and policies towards the only Jewish nation and demanding restraint and concessions from Israel that no other nation inthe world would tolerate, especially one surrounded by genocidal enemies.

One of my points in this article is that many Europeans feel that eliminating the `mistake' of Israel would buy them peace from jihad. Since the Israelis are not going to leave their home country voluntarily, this amounts to supporting ethnic cleansing, whether people realize it or not.

I really suggest you sit down and think about some of the implications of what you're saying.

Thanks for dropping by.

Freedom Fighter said...

To my Anonymous German friend;
I appreciate what you're saying. I disagree on the following points:

For one thing, I disagree that anti-semitism in much of Western Europe s not `legitimized' among many Europeans, though `anti-Zionism' is used as a cover. The trend in general is unmistakable.

As I point out, Germany is one of the least likely places for these events to occur, precisely because Germans have been down that road before and have seen where it leads.

You should be aware, if you aren't already, that the attitudes many Muslims display towards Jews are religious and historical in nature and predate Israel's modern rebirth in 1948.

The Qu'ran and the Hadiths (the life and sayings of Mohammed)are rife with the most blatant hatred of Jews, and says that on the day of judgement the rocks and trees will call out to Muslims to kill the Jews hiding behind them.

Mohammed's first act as a conqueror was to massacre, pillage and enslave the Jews of Medina who had given him refuge after he fled Mecca in the hejira.

One need merely read the sources.

Another thing I would question, frankly is what appears to be your endorsement of `multiculturism'.

Many Muslims I know, at least here in the US would likewise disagree, having come here to get away from the dysfuntional societies in the Muslim world.

I likewise don't wish to see a `jihad' on Muslims in the West, but I would point out that unquestioning acceptance of certain attitudes carried over from the Muslim world is the surest way to achieve that..as the other `anonymous' pointed out, the rise in attacks on Muslims bears that out.

I fully agree with your referance to Pastor Neimoller. I merely feel that many Europeans have forgotten it..to their own peril.

Dank für deine Gedanken.

Freedom Fighter said...

Last, but not least El Dookie.

Thank you for being an illustration of EXACTLY the attitude I was talking about in the article.

As for Le Jihad Francais, I am quite aware that it was not directed `against the Jews' but against non-Islamic France as a whole...and a sign for the future.

Obviously, we agree on one thing..the Jews of France should leave as soon as they can.

Do indeed write about the supposed `Jewish riots'. The world is very short of anti-Semitic rants just now, particularly in France.

L'histoire se répète toujours. Ou, pour la mettre une autre manière, stupidité est contagieuse !

Anonymous said...

What a sad comment on you, and the world you think you live in.

Hey, yes... let's make it the VICTIMS' responsibility to run away, rather than deal with the actual problem (if there even is one, and your rhetoric is somewhat suspect).

No, the Jews should not be expected to move. Remember that the last time this was expected of them they were moved into ghettos and later concentration camps; how is encouraging them to 'go live somewhere else... anywhere but in MY backyard' any different than ghettos? What should be expected is that they, like everyone else, be treated better, and if, indeed, there ARE threats to their existance, that the governments involved do their jobs and protect the members of their societies.

The worst kind of racism is when it is disguised under the veil of "I only say this for their own good", here followed by "but they really should all go away".

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello, Anonymous.

Frankly, I find it amazing that you could misconstrue what I wrote to this degree. Did you actually read the article?

I merely point out the facts..that much of Western Europe and Scandanavia is a hostile climate towards Jews now and is likely to become even more so in the future..and I give a number of reasons why.

If you bothered to read the second paragraph, I explicitly state that it is a racist notion thatJews should be barred from anywhere simply because they're Jews, but I'm interested in saving lives here. If Europeans wish to preserve jewish life in the countries I mention, they are going to have to do something about it. I see no evidence of that happening, frankly.

And as I further state, a number of Europeans are likely to be quite comfortable with this solution to the `Jewish Problem'.

Unlike the last time when Europe mostly turned its collective backs on the Holocaust, there are a number of alternatives,not least Israel and America - which by the way is MY backyard. Unlike Europe, which has generally behaved despicably towards its Jews, America has welcomed them.

The problem, of course, is not the Jews, but much of Europe's reaction to them...particularly in view of Europe's growing Muslim population, the convergance of the European Left and Islamists and the hatred for Jews and `Zionists' rife in the areas I mention.

Dan said...


You miss the point I do not want to live in a “multicultural” (I prefer retribalised) society. If they want to assimilate than they are welcome, if they want to live in the ummah then this is not their home and they need to leave for whence they came. This isn’t racism I have no problem with multiracial, but if they want to live like Saudi then they should do it- in Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

I mostly agree with the analysis.
It may interest you to know that my family and I, in 2003, came to the very same conclusion and decided to move 'temporarily' from the Netherlands to the US.
The increasing verbal and even physical antisemitic abuse against us and our children by young muslims played a role in the background. However, this might have waxed and waned with the 'situation in the Middle East' and even have improved over the next decade or so.
What cinched the deal was our insight that the rise of radical islam rise was pretty much inexorable. Coupled to the fact that the Dutch are not willing to fight for others, as demonstrated recently in Srebrenica, in 1938-1940 when the Dutch consciously decided to disarm and knowingly took the risk of not being able to defend a part of their population against the threat from Hitler, and also in personal conversations with friends and colleagues, gave us very little confidence in our children's safety in the Netherlands in the long term.
I also agree with your analysis that the Germans, with their very different educational background, will most likely make sure that nothing happens to 'their' Jews.

Vera said...

Don't know about the rest of Scandinavia, but everything is fine here in Finland so far, mostly due to not having a lot of Muslims.

Finnish Jews have survived the Holocaust just fine, and will survive any Islamic trouble that is to come (or not to come, depending on how smart our immigration policies will or won't be).

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree with both points, Vera.

Finland has put severe constraints on Muslim immigration (perhaps they looked at Sweden and decided it was a problem they could do without).

As for the Holocaust, Baron Von Mannheim actually threatened to use the Finnish army to defend Finland's Jews when Hitler demanded that Finland turn them over to him.

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree with both points, Vera.

Finland has put severe constraints on Muslim immigration (perhaps they looked at Sweden and decided it was a problem they could do without).

As for the Holocaust, Baron Von Mannheim actually threatened to use the Finnish army to defend Finland's Jews when Hitler demanded that Finland turn them over to him.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear A,
Looking through this thread, I can find no evidence of any comments deleted, nor do I recall deleting any...it's very rare that I do and almost always in the case of somebody trying to sell viagra, porn or travel vacations.

Please feel free to resubmit your comment...Blogger can sometimes be a bit unreliable.

Vera said...

Freedom fighter: I think this is an urban legend; AFAIK Mannerheim never had to threaten Germans with anyone - they just asked for Finnish Jews, Finland refused, and that was pretty much it.

Finland was not the only Axis country to protect its Jews - Bulgaria and Japan protected its own, and Italy's and Hungary's Jews were not deported until Mussolini's and Horthy's regimes fell - but IIRC Finland was the only country that had Jews fighting in its army alongside Germans, which led to some really weird moments, such as Jews getting Iron Crosses and Germans having to defend the Finnish field synagogue from the Russians.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Vera,
You are totally correct about Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Japan.

You may not know that after Germany occupied Hungary in 1944, Hitler offered to ransom the 500,000 Jews for some trucks. The US said yes to that, but Britain killed the deal..because they did not want those Jews going to Palestine.

Most of them went to Auschwitz instead. See Lucy Dawidowicz's book on the Holocaust `The War Against The Jews' for sources and further info on this.

As for Baron Mannheim, you may be correct..though I have heard the story about him from several sources.

Thanks for dropping by..see you again soon.

English patriot said...

I just wanted to leave a word of encouragement for freedom fighter.

It seems to me that the conventional broadcast media in the UK, have been almost entirely lost to the Leftist perspective. The Anti-Semitism to which you refer, thinly disguised as Anti-Zionism, is unchallenged by the BBC, for example, and permeates all their coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The print media, with the exception of a few brave souls (Melanie Phillips, Michael Gove), offer roughly the same analysis.

The good news however is that people increasingly get their 'news' and analysis from websites such as your own. Thomas Friedman, in his excellent book 'The World is Flat' argues that one of the consequences of the IT revolution is to allow the 'small to act big'. I hope you can achieve exactly that.

Anonymous said...

old post, yet remains true in 2008

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