Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More news on the Thai coup..not good.

Charles at Little Green Footballs has the story that the new Thai prime minister installed by the army, General Sondhi Boonyaratkalin is a Muslim who wants to negotiate with the jihadis in the South, as opposed to Thaksin, who had more of a hard line approach.

This could be premature, as Sondhi is, after all, head of the Thai army, and has promised elections in October 2007,but I'll be watching this closely...


Anonymous said...

everywhere i looked yesterday, it was reported that the reason thaksin was the victim of the coup was due to him not addressing the situation in the south.
i.e., islamo-facists.
now we're told he was taking a hard line.
and his replacement is muslim?
sounds to me like they need a new royal family.

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, Louie, he did address it - but not successfully.

Like someone else we know, he talked a real good game but was a bit challenged when it cam to effective action.

As for the King and Queen, they are the central unifyng force in Thailand. It may very well be that they feel that a military junta is the best way to deal with the ongoing insurgency..and further, as I've said, not all Muslims are jihadis.

The Thai royals ar NOT stupid by any means.

Or they may actually feel like the military can better negotiate with the jihadis - impossible to say.

I prefer to wait and watch before I make any judgements.

Anonymous said...

the rednecks down south are too busy with football right now.
but you were on a really good roll there.
had me worried.