Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MSNBC's Tucker Carlson gets a lesson in Taqiya from CAIR

You'll love this.

In Ohio, a car dealer had planned a group of funny ads saying that they were going to wage a `jihad' on high auto prices, talked about a fatwa friday and promised `free swords for the kiddies'. Under extreme pressure from CAIR, the ads were pulled.

In this YouTube clip a fully burka'd CAIR Rep squirms every which way when asked reasonable questions by Tucker Carlson: `This is making fun of radical extremists. Why would CAIR be against that? Why would CAIR put itself on the side of radical Muslims?'

A superb example of an attempt at Taqiya, and a real must see...


Anonymous said...

tucker better be careful where he parks his car.

Anonymous said...

nah, I actually think she held up pretty well.