Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today's Short Takes, 9/17/06

JoshuaPundit has inagurated a new feature : Short Takes. This will encompass stuff I see that I think merits the attention of Joshua's Army members and that I will embellish with a few lines of the wit, wisdom, insight and written insurgency you've come to expect from your pal Freedom Fighter.

This is an attempt to cover more ground in less time and compress a lot into a small space, rather like the young gentleman seen above. This is as opposed to longer pieces, which will continue to be devoted to what I consider are larger and more important stories and issues. This is an experiment, so let's see how it goes. And of course, let me know if this format is to your liking:

  • As usual, President Bush talks a good game, but is curously lacking in the action department. Today, amid remarks about Iran and Syria enabling and supporting Islamic terrorism, the President noticeably gave some ground on nuclear talks with Iran in his speech at the UN, stating tha he supported continued talks with the EU3 and Iran, but that Iran couldn't `string the EU3 along forever and time was of the essence.' He also assured the UN crowd that America wasn't at war with Islam. Same ol' stuff, different day.
Of course, appeasors like the UN's Javier Solana continue to tout` real progress' being made - while meanwhile, the Iranians still do exactly what they want and are rushing ahead with their nuclear weapons program. Ahmadinejad made a point of skipping the President's remarks..which shows that the Iranian leader, if nothing else appreciates the value of his time.

  • Today, Hamas gunmen attacked the offices of the Palestinian WAFA news agency, which is basically a propaganda outlet staffed by Abbas' Fatah hacks. The Hamas goombahs destroyed all of the equipment and furniture and administered a severe beating to one reporter. Not all poems are written with a pen.
Hamas, for their part warned Abbas not to "give in to US", holding a major mustering of the faithful in Gaza. Abbas is in new York at the UN General Assembly. All talks of a unity government are on hold.
  • Now I'm really nervous. Bush and Chirac have apparently come to a meeting of the minds on Iran. and are now expressing unity on Iranian nukes. Or, in the words of Le President Chirac `we now see eye-to -eye' on this matter. Ewwwww.

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