Monday, September 18, 2006

France weasels on Iran sanctions as Ahmadinejad and Bush head for showdown at the UN

Both President Bush and Iran's president Ahmadinejad are headed for the same corner of the world this week...the UN headquaters.

Like Khatami, Ahmadinejad was able to get a visa to pollute this country from the helpful folks at our State Department.

I wonder if Bush and Ahmadinejad will end up stuck in the same elevator?
France once again showed its true character as Jacque Chirac called Iran `a great nation' and deepened the rift between American and the EU, saying "I am never in favour of sanctions."

Chirac said that the six nations involved in the matter - France, Germany, Britain, Russia, China and the US – should allow more time for talks, with the west removing the threat of sanctions.

Bush and the US had apparently had a deadline of Sunday, Sept 17, for European diplomacy to persuade Iran to end its uranium enrichment program in compliance with Security Council demands.

That, of course, never happened, nor will it on a voluntary basis.And diplomacy is a non-starter, in view of the Russia and China's efforts not only to renege on the UN Security Council resolution they voted for but to sabotage efforts by American UN Ambassador John Bolton to convene the UN Security Council’s sanctions committee to discuss the matter.

TIME magazine has a despicable article that clims they have been given what they call `a broad operational outline' on how the US will attack Iran,mainly using air attacks. It's despicable that a US news magazine would run something like this even if it ends up being bogus, because of the aid it might give to the enemy.

If they're right, it's one of the most pointless, clueless uses of military power I can imagine. A succcessful attack would only delay Iran's nuclear program by only two or three years, and an air campaign isn’t going to dislodge the mullahs, either. In war, you target the disease, not the symptoms.


Anonymous said...

more than likely bush has some half-measure in store.
probably somehting like that shock & awe silliness.
invasion on the ground from the east and west and put the mullahs in the same cave as ubl.

Anonymous said...

in a country with 60 million people, and as nazar points out 6 million are muslim, i would thank nazar for giving us the dhimmitude viewpoint.
i.e., minority rule.
do as the muslims say or someone is going to die.
i say let them eat...............sewage.