Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Denmark arrests 9 Danish Muslims for plotting major terrorist attacks.

The Danish Security Intelligence Service PET arrested nine Muslims who allegedly acquired material to build explosives in Vollsmose, a Muslim suburb west of Odense, Denmark’s third largest city.

Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen told Danish television TV2 the terrorist case was "the most serious in the country". Authorities provided no details on the target of the attacks, but said a police raid overnight had uncovered "materials" for the production of explosives.

This is the second major group of arrests for Islamic terrorism in less than a year.
Back October 2005, another Danish anti-terrorism operation led to the arrest of seven young Muslims in Copenhagen.

Espersen told Danish news agency Ritzau that "most of those arrested were Danish citizens", adding that she was "concerned that Danes were preparing a terrorist attack in the country."

Denamark has been threatened with Islamic terrorism because it is a staunch ally of the United States and has 470 troops stationed in Basra, in southern Iraq, under British command. And of course, because of the MoToons, originally published in Denmark by the Jyllens-Posten newspaper, which caused a collective Islamic frenzy throughout the world...especially after several Danish Imams made a point of touring the Muslims world to incite things,complete with several cartoons of their own making that were never even published in the Posten.

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