Saturday, September 09, 2006

The video the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton and CAIR don't want you to see

Courtesy of, here are six clips fromABC's "Path to 9/11"..from the unedited pre-release version sent out by ABC to promote the movie.

Presdent Clinton's lawyers, by the way, sent a formal letter to Disney Friday demanding that it be not just re-edited, but pulled.

And as I reported here, five prominent senate Democrats sent a letter to Disney's Robert Iger that essentially threatened the corporation's broadcast license.

Daily Kos, the DNC and yes, CAIR and the MPAC have made a virtual jihad out of getting this movie cancelled. What's more, Scholastic, Disney's corporate partner who had agreed to use this movie to be used as a teaching aid has pulled out as well...under major pressure by one of the Democratic party's chief funding sources, the teacher's unions.

Looking at the clips, it's very easy to see why certain people are so upset ..and the pressure Disney has been put under over this is a clear indication of the alliance between the radical left in America and radical Islam.

The amazing efforts to stifle this movie is even more amazing when you remember that it was based on the 9/11 Commission's report..and the 9/11 Commission had a number of people in it, like ex-Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick who were extremely culpable in the lapses and the handcuffing of our security services that led to 9/11 and had a vested interested in covering their despicable negligence.

It's anybody's at this point whether this will be pulled, edited out of all recognition or moved to a smaller cable audience.

Isn't it lovely how the Left is so protective of the First Amendment and freedom of expression?

You'll need QuickTime to view these clips.

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tm said...

The amazing efforts to stifle this movie is even more amazing when you remember that it was based on the 9/11 Commission's report.

Well....except for the parts that are just made up.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello again, JPE.

I would argue, for the reasons I mentioned in the article that a number of parts of the 9/11 Commission Report are `made up',considering that a number of people on the panel had their posteriors to cover for extreme negligence. Frankly, the 9/11 Report was much more favorable to the Clinton Administration than it deserved, IMO.

Not that their isn't plenty of
bi-partisan blame to go around, particularly at this stage of things.

We have here five US senators threatening to yank Disney's broadcast licence and interfere with their business on blatantly political grounds...because Disney wants to show something they don't like. You don't find that appalling?

We have CAIR, the DNC,Clinton and Daily Kos all on the same team involved in what's essentially a jihad to keep this film from showing.

A lot of these people applauded stuff like Michael Moore's `Fahrenheit 9/11'..which is much more fictional and frankly, biased than `The Path to 9/11'.

Yet the Bush Administration made no threats or any attempts to stop it from being shown.

If Moore could selectively edit his tripe and have it accepted as gospel by these folks, what wrong with a few dramatized excerpts as docudrama?

If the movie is that libelous, there are legal remedies. But that's not what these people want - they want to shut it down and stifle it and they're apparently willing togo to any lengths to do it.

And `liberals' are the ones that are supposed to be in favor of the First Amendment!

Think about it.

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