Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Abortion on demand and its effect on our culture

My old blogpal and Watcher's Council alumnus ShrinkWrapped has a fascinating post in which he examines the effect of abortion on demand on our psyche, politics and culture:

"...As I have described elsewhere, the discovery of Penicillin, followed by the second World War, led to a unique situation in which the post-war baby boomers were born into a world where, for the first time in human knowledge, there was the reasonable expectation that every child would be able to survive into adulthood. Furthermore, the all too human desire to procreate, which always is intensified by survival of a life-threatening ordeal, was a shared experience for the "Greatest Generation." The offspring of "the Greatest Generation", the "Greatest Offspring", were raised in ways that inadvertently led to enhanced narcissism among the baby boomer cohort. ....

As the baby boomers reached child bearing age, having been encouraged by their often left wing enablers to believe that the expression of their own instinctual desires, the idealization of the self, was the apotheosis of civilization up until this time (a great part of what fueled the anti-Vietnam war protests was the rage that anything could be more important than the self; ie the draft threatened the precious darling from whom little had ever been demanded int he manner of sacrifice), a problem arose. The free expression of the instincts, "free love", all too often led to unintended consequences. ...Children raised to believe that their desires are primary could not tolerate the idea of being sentenced to a life in chains (ie, parenthood) before they were ready. The child had to be turned into a choice.

To be continued..."

The abortion issue is interesting because it interacts on the two other main issues facing our times...illegal immigration and the War on Jihad.

Of course, since most abortions are a result on consensual sex and done as retro birth control, it's not really simply a medical matter, and has actually become part of our culture as ShrinkWrapped intimates.

What this kind of cultural acceptance of abortion really amounts to is a subconscious death wish..not good...and fairly decadent.

I did something on the relationship between Roe V Wade and illegal immigration some time ago that some of you might enjoy if you haven't seen it:
J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Immigrant Song: the USA, abortion and the debate on illegal immigration

In Europe, of course, where abortion on demand has been a reality for a longer time,the issue becomes part of the War on Jihad as Islam is designed to be able to outbreed non-Muslims. native Europeans in many countries are not breeding at replacement rates..so today's jihadis may make more progress towards the conquest of Europe than any Muslims since the 17th century. If the next president of the US continues to follow in Bush's footsteps and encourages increased Muslim immigration, it may eventually become an issue here as well.

Do read all of the first part of what will undoubtedly be a killer series, if I know ShrinkWrapped!

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If only people would choose to use an effective contraceptive,

They wouldn't have to make another choice........