Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One gutsy congresswoman blocks US funding of Palestinian terrorists

There is indeed some sanity in Congress. One courageous U.S. lawmaker has blocked the $86 million Bush had earmarked for Palestinian `security forces.'

"Early last week, I placed a hold on the $86 million," said Rep. Nita Lowey a New York Democrat. "It is imperative that we have a fuller understanding of exactly what the funding is for and what the situation is on the ground," said Lowey, who is on the House Appropriations Committee, which controls U.S. funding for domestic and foreign spending.

Lowey said she had acted to hold up the money before last week's deal between Abbas and Hamas leaders to form a unity government and further said that the agreement "raised additional questions."

It should have raised `additional questions' with the Bush Administration a long time ago.

Abbas' Fatah faction includes his thuggish `presidential guard' as well as Abbas' pet terrorists, the al-Aksa Martyr's Brigade. The money and weapons the Bush Administration has already given to Abbas went to pay their salaries and arm and train them.

Now, under the Mecca Accord, Hamas' armed wing is to be integrated with Abbas' forces. Yet the Bush Administration is blithely trying to go ahead and lobbying to supply arms and money to Islamic terrorists, contrary to US law!

Congress long ago voted to end aid to the Palestinians , something the Bush Administration deliberately blocked.

All the rhetoric coming from the President about the `war on terror' somehow doesn't square with the president's eagerness to have US taxpayers subsidize the Palestinian War Against the Jews.

Congresswoman Lowey earns a well deserved commendation from Joshua's Army.

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