Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bush okays transfer of $86M to Abbas..who says crime doesn't pay?

Hey, so we hit a few Jews...the boys gotta earn their paychecks somehow, and those explosives don't pay for themselves! It's just bizness,nuthin' personal, yahnowhatuhmeen sweetheart?

President George W. Bush went ahead and approved the transfer of $86 million to Abbas , AKA `Mr. Moderate', the day after the thugs on Abbas' payroll known as the al Aksa martyrs' Brigade claimed joint responsibility with Islamic Jihad for murdering three innocent people in an Eilat bakery in Israel.

So much for the lip service from the White House `condemning' the attack and claiming to hold the Palestinian Authority responsible.

Same as it ever was, just like when Yasir Arafat ran the mob and murdered people with one hand while playing `moderate' song with the other.

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