Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Guilford Accusers ready to drop the case?

Regular readers of JoshuaPundit might recall an incident I reported on at Guilford College, a small Quaker school in North Carolina where three Palestian students, Osama Sabbah, Faris Khader and Omar Awartani accused members of the Guilford football team of assaulting them and using racial epithets.

Needless to say, the politically correct faculty of the college were quick to jump in and deplore the `racism' of those neanderthal jocks.

Now, however, it appears that the so-called victims were actually the aggressors, and with deportation charges looming, they now want to `let the matter go away' according to their attorney, Amiel Rossabi and let bygones be bygones.

The Greensboro Police Department has dropped any further investigation of the West Bank student's claims, and will bring no charges against the football players. Not only that, but it's also now clear that both Khader and Sabbah have a history of violence that lends creedence to eyewitness accounts that the Arab students were the aggressors and could well undermine their credibility in court. Additionally, the photographs taken of one of the defendants, Michael Six clearly show the raised belt buckle shaped welts caused by Faris Khader during the altercation.

Another point of interest (and an explanation of why Guilford was so quick to defend the Palestinians) is the very interesting relationship between Guilford and its connection to the Ramallah Friends school in Judea (the West Bank).

The Ramallah Friends School is,in fact a `feeder' institution to Guilford. Osama Sabbah, Faris Khader and Omar Awartani are not simply isolated "foreign students", but three of many former Friends School students from Ramallah who have been brought to Guilford and other schools over the years to continue their education while being allowed to promote the Ramallah school's pro-jihadist anti-Israel agenda either with the full support of the college's administration and faculty or at very least with its acquiescence.

Most colleges (not just Guilford) welcome Arab students,particularly Saudis, Kuwatis and Arabs from the UAE because they pay full non-resident tuition.

And the fact that the Saudis and others also endow university chairs (usually in Middle East or Arab studies) and take faculty and administrators on paid junkets and trips doesn't hurt either.

The rot goes deep.

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....and one more proud ignorant person!Its ok to be ignorant but its a shame to be loud about it.

Omar Awartani.