Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another gangland hit in Gaza

Well, that was a short truce!

Today, Hamas gunmen ambushed a Fatah Gaza convoy and took out 6 Fatah members in Gaza en route to Abbas' presidential guard unit HQ in Gaza.

27 other people were injured in the ensuing shootout.

This was an obvious retaliation for two attempted Fatah hits on Hamas figures earlier today
The first incident involved Fatah gunmen opening fire this morning at Hamas spokeshole Fawzi Barhoum as he drove with three bodyguards in his white sedan toward a checkpoint near Gaza City.

And later in the day Fatah shooters in a car tried to take out Islam Shahwan, a spokeshole for one of the Hamas militias.

The Beast continues to eat itself.


Anonymous said...

i still maintain the best way for a GI/marine to spend a weekend in the mid-east is a kelly's heroes festival.

get about 10-12 of various types, you know, an apache helicopter & pilot, couple of snipers, explosives guys always seem to come in handy, ditto that for a good electronics guy, and about half dozen guys who can't seem to keep/take their fingers off the trigger.
find out when one of them caravans comes through, the route is imperative. you know the ones that carry all those suitcases full of benjamins.
knock over the caravan and badabing badabang what have you got?
it's the perfect crime.
fatah blames hamas.
hamas blames fatah.
just don't get greedy.
those caravans come through often.

i wonder what butch and sundance would think of my idea?

Freedom Fighter said...

I like it!

Now there's a Hollywood product I'd pay to see..sort of a We Three Kings type pic, but without the sentimental hogwash or Clooney.