Wednesday, February 21, 2007

IDF and Shin Bet take out the planner of yesterday's foiled bombing plot

Yesterday, as I reported, the Shin Bet uncovered a Palestinian plot to set off a series of homicide bombs in Tel Aviv...and captured the wanna-be shaheed and some of his co-conspirators.

As I predicted, the Shin Bet was able to convince them to be most helpful and cooperative in tying up these loose ends....and to sing in harmony.

One of the heartwarming results of this concert was the demise today of Islamic Jihad leader Mahmoud Abu Obeid, who planned the operation and assigned the bomber with blowing up the crowded Tel Aviv New Bus Depot.

Obeid ran into a surprise reception in his rathole in Jenin when a combined force of the IDF, Shin Bet and the Border Police commando unit air conditioned his car - and Obeid and friends - in the center of town and then departed. Behatzlechah, shomerim!

The Shin Bet has also probably heard some show tunes from the jihadis by now regarding how they were able to rent an apartment in the heart of Israel as a staging ground for a homicide bombing...which means they had people on the inside working for them. I'm sure we can expect more arrests shortly.

As I've said, this kind of attack happens frequently in Israel, and most of them are only foiled by a combination of incredible luck and skill.

Meanwhile, the Israelis are still supposed to ignore the constant attacks on their civilians by the Palestinians and talk `peace' with these people...

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