Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yet another sign we're getting ready to leave Iraq

After all that bellicose rhetoric, the Bush Administration has backtracked and said that, yes, U.S. and British Representatives will meet with representatives of Syria and Iran as well as neighboring countries for `talks on Iraq's future.'

The UN will also send an envoy.

What this is about, of course, is turning Iraq over to Shiite rule and coming up with a formula to keep things relatively quiet - at least from the Shiite/Iran end - while the US exits. And of course, the baksheesh, the price involved for that acquiescence.

This sort of dealing with a country that regards itself at war with us and has acted accordingly will come back to haunt us. And it will be seen in the Middle East as a victory for Iran and a defeat for the west.

Needless to say, decision was praised to the hilt by the members of the Iraq Study Group, who shilled for exactly this type of capitulation.

And expect leaning on Israel and a `comprehensive Mideast settlement' to come up as well, even though Israel has nothing to do with Iraq.

We will be out of Iraq before the year is over, having squandered a brilliant military victory and gaining nothing for all the blood and treasure we expended there.


Always On Watch said...

I, too, can see the signs of an upcoming pullout of Iraq. What a huge mistake that will be! The ummah will see the pullout as the will of Allah that the Great Satan was routed. We've been down that road time and again with OBL.

Do we learn nothing from the past???

Furthermore, both the Sunnis and the Shi'ites will see the U.S. pullout as a sign of the will of Allah. In that, the two sects may well find some common ground.

Rebel Radius said...

If you were going to nuke Iran, wouldn't you want your people out of the way first?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Always,
Nice to have you drop by.

Hello Rebel.
Welcome aboard.

First of all, no I wouldn't. I would have redeployed them into Kurdistan and teamed up with the Kurds long ago, so as to have a base to use against Iran and Syria as well as a loyal ally that would double our combat strength without a single additional US soldier.

Second, I don't think nuking Iran is necessary:

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Operation Mullah Stomp: The military option on Iran

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

My humble opinion. The conquest of Iraq made the US its owner. Leaving the country while it is in turmoil is tantamount to throwing a piece of meat to a den of hungry wild animals. Have pity on the ordinary Iraqi. Don't leave while they are still unsafe.