Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another sign of the imminent US exit - Bush OKs 7000 Iraqi refugees' entry into the US

For all the rhetoric emanating out of Washington, it's obvious that the Bush Administration is readying for a quick exit from Iraq as soon as possible.

Yet another glimpse of the future...Bush has okayed the US taking in 7,000 Iraq `refugees'. Most of them have already settled in other countries.

Just to give you a comparison, in the four years of the Iraq war. we've taken in a grand total of 463.

Apparently, this is something cooked up between Secretary of State Rice and the UN High Commission on Refugees.

What's more, State Department spokeshole Sean McCormick stated that the number 7,000 is `only a target, not a ceiling...'

The UN estimates that up to 50,000 Iraqis flee each month and that 3.8 million have left Iraq since the war started...mostly Sunni victims of Shiite ethnic cleansing.

I guarantee you that many of the `refugees' admitted into the US will be well connected with the Saudis and/or the US government.

Apparently it's not enough for President Bush to turn our border into a sieve. Now, he wants to import potential Muslim jihadis from overseas...and spend our taxpayer dollars to do it.


Anonymous said...

I say we let any Iraqis in our great country as wants to get in and experience our great country first hand. Give them a taste of why we went over to Iraq in the first place?

We should support any Iraqi who wants to come here and start a business. I support the troops and so should you and you should support the war so you can spread our great democracy worldwide. Anything less is treason. Praise Jesus.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hmmmm...somebody who ends his comment with `Praise Jesus' favoring importing a bunch of Muslim potential jihadis into America?

You can't make this stuff up.

Unknown said...

I thought it was interesting that following the release of those UK sailors, Cheney commented on Pelosi's trip to Syria, mentioning that terrorists cross into Iraq through their border...yet no one in the MSM thought to comment on the flow of refugees in the opposite direction.

Thanks for posting on this topic! I linked to this blog on my own, 'deadissue' and hope you could do the same.

Peace - DI