Thursday, February 08, 2007

Palestinians agree on unity government deal

Abbas, Haniyeh and Meshaal: OK, we're all agreed - let's get back to da bizness of killing Jews instead of each other, awrightee?

The three capos of the Palestinian mafia appeared to have ironed out an agreement Palestinians on a power sharing unity government deal at their meeting in Mecca,according to al-Reuters.

The agreement, read out by Fatah official Nabil Amr is exactly what I reported yesterday that it would be - a Palestinian unity government with no recognition of Israel, and no formal acceptance to abide by any previous agreements with either Israel or the US.

Instead, the Hamas gang merely promised to `respect' previous agreements `if they are in the interests of the Palestinians.'

Since Abbas and Fatah have now officially merged with Hamas to rule the Palestinian turf, it remains to be seen what the US, the EU and Israel will do about the Palestinians officially torpedoing the entire rationale and basis of Oslo and the Roadmap in one fell swoop.

Even more to the point, the agreement calls for Hamas' armed wing to be `integrated' with the Palestinian `security forces' the US is now arming and training, according to Ynet news.

Will we continue funding a terrorist entity? Will the EU? Will the Israelis begin treating the Palestinians like the genocidal terrorist government they have been all along since Oslo?

We should have the answers soon.

Stay tuned....

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