Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Major homicide bombing plot busted in Tel Aviv

Yes, let's talk to the new `unity government', sing kumbaya and all give peace a chance...

A major homicide bombing plot aimed at Tel Aviv, Israel was sidelined by some quick intelligence work by the Shin Bet.

Tel Aviv was placed on high alert last night and the Israeli police, acting on Shin Bet intelligence, caught the bomber in his hideout in a Bat Yam apartment. The ShinBet had a little conversation with him and then was able to pick up his explosives, which were hideden in Rishon Letzion as well as his accomplices. Both towns are suburbs of Tel Aviv.

This is a first...Palestinian terrorists have never before rented an apartment in an Israeli city as a headquarters for a homicide bomber.

The wanna-be shaheed was a resident of Jilazun near the Palestinian terrorist stronghold of Jenin. He entered Israel through Jerusalem, and was captured shortly before heading for his target in Tel Aviv. Apparently he's affiliated with Islamic Jihad...not that it makes a difference.

The Shin Bet is still sorting out the details of the plot, with special emphasis on the mechanics and on how apartments were rented in Israel in advance. I'm sure that the wanna-be shaheed and his friends will end up being most helpful and cooperative to the Shin Bet in tying up these loose ends.

One of the things we fail to realize here in America is how many brutal terrorist attacks are prevented by the Israelis as opposed to how many actually get through.

Same old story..the Palestinian Authority talks `peace' from one side of their forked tongues while waging war aginst israel's civilians with the other.

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Anonymous said...

off topic comment:
last night watching IBA news, the wanna-be-summit, of Abbass, Condi, & Olmert, was almost laughable.
what wes truely disgusting was watching condi give comments after the meeting. abbass & olmert did not address the media. olmert went to the knesset to address the likud. condi did not take questions after the comments.
it is as if these people are sleep walking, or have been taken over by some mind robbing zombie in some cheezy "B" hollywood movie.