Saturday, June 30, 2007

Al Gore to run???Cancels all personal appearences

We may be in for some major entertainment with the return of the one and only AlGore.

A litte birdie told me that he has suddenly canceled at least six months worth of lucrative personal appearences as the poster boy of global warming...and somehow, I don't think he did it just to reduce his carbon footprint by saving jet fuel.

Big Al never really got used to the idea of losing to Dubbyah in 2000..I mean, here he was, the Veep in a popular administration who had payed his dues... I mean just ask the Riyadis, Charley Tri or the Sultan of Brunei about who was on the other end of the phone half the time from the White House arranging the details on funneling the cash when Mr. Bill was otherwise engaged.

It should have been all greased, in AlGore's mind,especially running against a knuckle dragger from flyover country. Against AlGore's brilliant persona, Bush should have had problems even carrying Texas.

Now with Dubbya's poll ratings in the toilet and heading for the sewer, the GOP badly divided and Dem frontrunner Hillary Clinton scoring the highest negatives of any of the candidates on either side, AlGore may just be figuring that his time has come.

We'll have to wait and see.....


Anonymous said...

imo, the only way a repub. can win '08 is if shrub changes parties and becomes a dem.

Rosey said...

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Not one of the Democratic hopefuls is electable. (I hope).