Monday, June 11, 2007

Iran-IAEA nuclear talks abruptly cancelled

Just another indication of which way the wind's blowing....talks between Inspector Clouseau, AKA the IAEA's Mohammed El Baradi and the Iranians were abruptly cancelled today.

Apparently El Baradi was scheduled to meet with the Iranians in Vienna today, but the talks were cancelled after an abortive preliminary meeting between between Iranian deputy negotiator Javad Vaidi and EU negotiator Robert Cooper.

As accomodating as the EU has been, I think you can pretty much assume that the cancellation came from Iran.

Could be that Iran got wind of El Baradi's report to the IAEA's board of governors, which pretty much let them know that Iran is continuing to expand its uranium enrichment program regardless of any UN resolutions and that UN inspectors have no luck in determining "the nature and scope" of Iran's nuclear least the part the IAEA boys have been allowed to see.

The deadline for Iran's compliance has passed, and the ball's back in the UN's court.

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