Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The `objective' BBC employs Hamas terrorist in Gaza

Here's a nice bit...the Beeb has at least one Hamas terrorist on its payroll!

Last week, at the specific request of the BBC, Israel let a Hamas member enter Gaza , against the advice of the Shin Bet, who identified the employee as a Hamas operative.

The Beeb wanted him to enter Gaza because they believed he could assist in negotiating the release of pro-Palestinian British reporter Alan Johnston.

"We did not want to be blamed for holding up Johnston's release," one official said, explaining the decision to allow the Hamas member into Gaza.

"If we had rejected the request the British would be able to use our decision as an excuse for why Johnston is not being released."

Now, Hamas is officially a proscribed terrorist group under British Law, and the Beeb denies that it employs any Hamas members.

But if that's so,then why would the Beeb have reason to believe that he would have influence with Hamas?

In view of the BBC's frequently demonstrated credibility, I think I prefer to go with the Shin Bet's version of things.

Truly despicable.

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