Saturday, June 30, 2007

London Mayor Ken Livingston: Saudi Wahabism `A Major Problem"

Be forewarned...I don't agree with London's Lord Mayor, `Red Ken' Livingstone on much, and he's frequently a fatuous ass, but he's 100% right on this one.

While `Red Ken' made the expected remarks calling for his fellow Brits not to demonize Muslims over the recent bombing attempts, he also had no problem in seeing where a huge part of the problem the jihad mosques and madrassahs imported into his country and funded by the Saudis.

"We have got to understand that when we talk about the Wahabi strand of Islam, which is very intolerant, our major problem in dealing with it is that it flows out of Saudi Arabia," he said.

He said Wahabi was the official religion of the Saudi royal family, and noted that Riyadh was one of the main buyers of British arms.

"For a very long time, politicians at national level were refusing to be sufficiently critical of the fact that the Saudi regime didn't clean up its act," he said.

"Now we are assured that they have, but there's been decades of literally hundreds of millions of pounds flowing out of Saudi Arabia with official backing into the most intolerant strand of Islam, buying influence all over the world for it.

"I think we have to be absolutely clear that that is not still going on. I don't have access to the sort of MI6 briefing to say whether that's come to an end or not," he said.

Please take notes, Dubbyah. The most unlikely people are realizing what your Saudi and UAE pals have been up to for years, while you and others just winked at it.


Anonymous said...

Until we are allowed to drill for more of our own oil and build more refineries we are either going to have to either deal with the likes of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and others or we will have to simply colonize them. To colonize them will require an enormous mobilization of resources which the the American people would not support nor would the media allow it. The media would seek to undermine the project from the beginning, furthermore the American people have been taught for decades now that imperialism is evil. As such, colonizing Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and others is out of the question.

Even if we drill for more of our own oil and build more refineries this might not eliminate our oil imports from middle eastern countries but it would give us more leverage when negotiating with them and it would decrease the amount of money available for Jihad.

After 911, the Bush Administration and the US government should have made drilling for oil in places like ANWR and building more refineries a top priority. They did not do this. They bear the blame for this.

It is unfathomable that almost seven years after the attacks of 911 the US STILL has not opened up ANWR for drilling and a new refinery STILL has not been built. From these actions, I think it is safe to assume that the US is currenlty unserious about fighting Islamic terrorists. I think it is safe to assume that the entire Western world is unserious about fighting Islamic terrorists. If they were, they would be lobbying the US goverment to open up more drilling for oil in the US and they would be lobbying the US to build more refineries. These actions would benefit them by reducing the amount of money that is potentially available to Islamic terrorists.

"Red Ken" has many ideolgical close relatives in the US and Western Europe. It is these ideological close relatives who have slapped stiffling regulations on the energy industry which has made it impossible or extremely difficult to exploit energy resources in the West. For this Red Ken and his ideological cohorts bear much blame.

When Ken Livingstone is brave enough to point the finger at those folks who peddle the ridiculous theory of man made global warming he can be taken more seriously. With that said these statements regarding the Saudis are a step in the right direction for him.

Livingstone's mention of M16 is interesting. The American CIA is arguably the worst intellegence agency on the planet. It is without a doubt one of the worst, if not the very worst. Britian faces many of the same problems the US faces. It is doubtful that M16 will be much better than the CIA, if any better. In other words, I would treat any thing that M16 says with extreme skeptisicm. As far as the CIA goes, if they say it is sunny outside I'm going to check the weather!!

There is much blame to go around. The Busg Adminstration bears much of it. When are the Democrats going to start impeachment hearings? Impeachment of this President is clearly warranted and he is very deserving of such a fate.

The Democrats were given control of the House and the Senate to do two things. 1.)Get the US military completely out of Iraq. 2.) Impeach President Bush.

The Democrat controlled House and Senate can easily do both of these things yet they have not. As such, it is obvious why their popularity numbers are so low.

Finally, whether or not we think a premature withdrawl from Iraq is prudent or not does not really matter. The American people want the US out of Iraq NOW. A "Hawk" must craft policies around what the American people will support. As such, enhanced border security, closer scrutiny of the Mosques, a moratorium on immigration from immigration from Middle Eastern countries, and increased development of domestic energy sources are things we can probably implement. Given the fact that no major players and only a few minor players within the US government are pushing for any of these common sense measures indicates emphatically that the US is unserious about the fight against Islamic terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the multiple posts here. I'm not aware that it has come out yet but I suspect within the coming days it will be revealed that the terrorists who attempted the attacks in Britian received their training in Iraq.

When the Iraq war began, it was likely a war of choice. Unfortunately do to a combination of mistakes made by the Coalition and brilliant moves made by the terrorist enemy Iraq has probably become a war of necessity. If the US and its allies withdraw from Iraq, as is very likely they will very soon, these terrorists will have free reign.

Given the reality that the terrorists who attempted the attacks in Britian probably received their training in Iraq, the optimal question for the critics of the Iraq war would be how they plan to defeat the Jihadists in Iraq so that there are not more attacks on the West.

If we withdraw from Iraq and simaltaneously implement the policies I suggest in the previous post, this may be workable.

After the US and the Coalition withdraw from Iraq, it is very likely that the US military will be forced to go back into Iraq, much as Israel was forced to go back into Lebanon. When the US has to go back in, the enemy will be far stronger than it is now.

Anonymous said...

I may need to clarify a point from my first post. The pushers of the Global Warming Cult have made it extremly difficult to develop energy resources within the US and the West. The bitter fruit of this is it has made us more dependent on non domestic sources to meet our energy needs. Ken Livingstone's Communist cohorts have played a major role within the eco-nazi movement. Livingstone should call them out on this.

After 911 the Bush Administration may have had the political clout to stand up to these people, however, he did not. To the best of my knowledge, he did not even try. If he tried, he did not try very hard. This abject failure on the part on the Bush Adminstration to confront a major domestic enemy of the US should have indicated to all of us right away what a weak leader this man is.

Finally, while we may disaprove of and even deplore many of the policies of our leaders, both Republican and Democrat, we should pray for them, as the Christian Scriptures admonish us to do. God willing our leaders will make the right decisions. If they don't, we the People should have the courage to replace them with people who will make the right decisions.