Saturday, June 30, 2007

From Canker in Britain: `Not Forgetting the Basilisk'

Brit blogpal Canker has a superb bit entitled Not forgetting the basilisk that should ring a resounding chord in view of what's happening over there right now:

"We were six
(Not forgetting the basilisk).

How did he join us?
Hedgehog says we asked him,
Badger say he just came.
Basilisk says he flew
On the wings of the injustice
Our forefathers
Did to his.

We five voted,
The day he looked at fox,
With his special look.
Badger said `go'
Hedgehog said `stay'
And Basilisk got three votes,
Because of the vote denied his father.

After he ate Hedghog,
Basilisk said
That his practices
Were not to be criticised

They are' he said,
`The result of profound
Cultural differences,
Not to be comprehended
By stupid woodland creatures'"....

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