Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Syria openly reinforcing and re-arming anti-government forces in Lebanon

Nahr el-Bared battleground...

The proxy war between the US-backed Siniora government and the Iranian/Syrian backed Palestinian Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon continues, with no end in sight.

The Syrian Army is openly sending reinforcements, arms, fuel and food to Fatah al-Islam in its main base at Nahr el-Bared, with the reinforcements mainly Palestinian fighters under their control.

In addition, the Syrians have sent forces into northern Lebanon, the Beqaa Valley, the mountains north of Tripoli and south of Beirut.

UNIFIL is doing absolutely nothing to stop the Syrians from doing this, or to prevent the ongoing Hezbollah buildup - except maybe lying about it.

UNIFIL commander Major General Claudio Graziano went on record a week or so ago telling the world that 'Hezbollah not rearming in south Lebanon' and that all is well, no matter what the Shin Bet and the IDF are saying...and then an independent UN report came out a week later that said in no uncertain terms that arms smuggling into Lebanon is unstoppable, and advised Lebanon to `quickly establish a mobile force to intercept any flow of weapons',something UNIFIL was supposed to do!

It was also a fairly frank admission that UNIFIL has failed utterly in enforcing UN Resolution 1709.

Iran's proxy Hezbollah is not involved in the assault on the Siniora government at the moment, except covertly and politically. They are likely saving up for a confrontation with Israel this summer.

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