Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shin Bet breaks up major homicide bombing attempt - using pregnant woman

You'd think the Palestinians would be busy enough with their own civil war not to worry about plotting terrorism against Israel..but you'd be wrong!

Israel's Shin Bet announced that it had stopped 2 female homicide bombers from performing a double `operation' in Israel. The targets were Tel Aviv and Netanya.

The two Palestinian women were arrested last month at the Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza. Apparently the two women admitted they were working for Islamic Jihad and were taking advantage of the Israeli humanitarian-aid policy, which allows Palestinians access to Israeli medical care and facilities.

Fatma Younis Hasan-Zack, a 39 year-old Gazan, had been running the Islamic Jihad employment center for women for the past four years. She was the coordinator between Islamic jihad and women interested - or compelled - to carry out homicide attacks on Israel.

She and her niece faked a medical condition which would allow them to travel to Ramallah on the West Bank, so they could then get a referral to an Israeli hospital.

They were caught at the Erez crossing after the Shin Bet received a tip-off.Hasan-Zack is the mother of eight children and was pregnant with number nine..I guess the baby got a chance to kill Jews and take part in the jihad, courtesy of mom - if you can dignify her or her companion, who had four children with that title.

This reminds me of another Palestinian woman about a year or so ago who was caught trying to detonate in the very hospital that was giving her medical care.

`Hey, you knew I was a rattlesnake when you picked me up....don't complain because I bit you.'

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Anonymous said...

it sounds as though the arafat directive will need some modifying if this keeps up.
something like, "have your eight children and then you & number nine are mine".......or something to that affect.