Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hamas blows up main remaining Fatah HQ in Gaza

A couple of Hamas' finest...

The battle fo rGaza is all but over, and Hamas is the winner. After securing the north Gaza strip, Hamas is rapidly clearing Fatah out of the rest of Gaza.

Today, Hamas forces blew up the main remaining Fatah strongpoint left in the Gaza Strip, Fatah's Preventive Security headquarters in the southern Gaza strip at Khan Yunis by setting off explosives in a tunnel beneath the building, killing 11 Fatah fighters and injuring a number.

Most of Fatah's comanders and gang bosses who were able to flee have already left for the West Bank. Some were able to flee over the Rafah crossing to Egypt until Hamas shut that portal down.

Hamas has set up Fatah POW camps in fenced compounds , and whole clans supposedly loyal to Abbas are reportedly turning over to fight with Hamas or turning intheir weapons and surrendering.

The last surviving Fatah base in Gaza in the Presidential compound in Gaza city -and that's surrounded and under seige by Hamas, with what's left of Abbas' security forces running out of food, ammo and water. Hamas has given them until Friday noon to surrender.

With all that going on, the Palestinians still found time to launch Qassams at Israel one of which slammed into an Israeli primary school but caused luckily caused no casualties.

Earlier today, there was a peace demonstration in Gaza City by the locals that ended up as a shoot out as Palestinian gunmen opened fire on the protesters, killing one person as dozens ran for cover. According to my sources, the protesters were fired on by both Hamas and Fatah..who may have been shooting at each other, causing a crossfire with the protesters in the middle.

UNRWA is also curtailing some of its operations after the gang war between Hamas and Fatah killed two of its staffers and wounded two others. Two of the casualties, believe it or not, were simply sanitation workers picking up trash.

Fatah has effectively already exited the so-called unity government.

I would not be at all surprised to see the fighting spread to the West Bank once Hamas secures Gaza...with the Hamas thrust most probably coming from the northern West Bank, aided by Hezbollah and Syria.

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