Sunday, June 10, 2007

Senate Judiciary Committee votes to aid Islamic terrorists

Your public servants in DC in action....

The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to rescind certain portions of the Military Commissions Act.

While not as publicity worthy as the open borders and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, this is almost as damaging.

What the newly amended Act now allows is access by Islamic terrorists to Federal Courts,which essentially means that the Department of Defense
will now be faced with an evil choice - either they protect their intelligence sources and their means of gathering intelligence and let Islamic terrorists walk away scot free, or they comply with subpoenas and rules of discovery and put this information on the public record, allowing jihadis access to exactly how their attacks were foiled, so they can do a better job next time.

Needless to say, this idiocy was supported and pushed through by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, notably Chairman Patrick Leahy, Ted Kennedy, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Russ Feingold and Joe Biden. Legislation will now be sent to the full Senate. This was done with the inane idea of `restoring Habeas Corpus', to non-citizens like the guests at Club Gitmo - and never mind that Habeas Corpus was originally conceived as a right solely confined to US citizens!

This legislation was heavily lobbied for by the usual suspects - the ACLU,CAIR and Radical Leftist fronts the National Lawyer's Guild and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Access by terrorists to criminal trials have led to intelligence leaks in the past. In the 1995 trial of Omar Abdel Rahman, evidence turned over to his attorneys by the government ended up being found in documents seized at an al-Qaeda headquarters in the Sudan. And given the political beliefs of some of the lawyers who make a living defending these jihadi scum, they're not exactly safe to have around confidential information. Remember Lynne Stewart?

The more information terrorist cells have on how they're being infiltrated,what FBI is looking for and how intel is being collected, the less likely they are to make mistakes..and keep in mind that we have been incredibly lucky, that lives have been saved because the jihadis made stupid mistakes like dropping a cell phone at a crime location or taking jihad training videos to Circuit City to turn into DVDs.

When people voted to send president Bush a message in the 2006 elections, I have a feeling that most of them didn't realize the nature of the people they were empowering and putting in control of the all important Congressional committees.

Now, they're starting to find out.

Legislation like this is beyond defeatist - it constitutes criminal negligence.And it could get some of us killed.


StDoJo said...

You are a sad, narrow minded individual.
"A fox sees many things. A hedgehog sees only one big thing."

Freedom Fighter said...

Thank you for your comment - which challenged absolutely none of the facts I wrote about and offered no content whatsoever, beyond a personal attack on someone you don't even know personally!

This is why I instituted comment monitoring, to deep six those who have absolutely nothing to add of any value.

I let your particular silliness through to give an example to others of the sort of detritus I normally just trash.

Bye bye now!