Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jihad Terrorism plot at JFK thwarted

A jihadi terrorist plot was uncovered today. It involved a plan by four members of the Religion of Peace blowing up a jet fuel line that services JFK Airport in New York City..and through heavily populated residential areas as it runs from Linden, New Jersey, through Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens.

It was described by the US attorney involved as “one of the most chilling plots imaginable.”

"The devastation that would be caused had this plot succeeded is just unthinkable,'' Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf said.

I'll say.

Four were indicted; Russell`Mohammed' Defreitas, Abdul Nur, Kareem Ibrihim and Abdul Kadir. Defreitas is the only US citizen in the bunch, an ex-native of Guyana who worked at the airport as was described by one of CNN's sources as ‘a very angry Muslim extremist.’

Abdul Kadir, a former member of the Guyana parliament is also an imam.
Along with Kareem Ibrahim, another of the four principles, he was arrested in Trinidad.

The plot was apparently ratted out by an informant to the FBI.

The may be a tentative al Qaeda connection, Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Trinidad.

Apparently two of the plotters, Kadir and Nur were part of Jamaat Al Muslimeen, which attempted to conquer the island nation in a deadly coup attempt in Trinidad back in 1990.

Here's an example of the mentality that was behind this, revealed from recorded conversations in the original criminal complaint:

“Any time you hit Kennedy, it is the most hurtful thing to the United States. To hit John F. Kennedy, wow … they love John F. Kennedy like he’s the man … if you hit that, this whole country will be mourning. You can kill the man twice,” Defreitas said.

In another conversation, he said:

“Even the twin towers can’t touch it...This can destroy the economy of America for some time.”


For those of you don't know, al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah have a number of sympathizers and cells south of our borders in Latin America. They were mostly started by Arab immigrants and Muslim converts in those countries.

I'm sure President Bush and his allies in Congress will take heart from this and hurry up with that amnesty bill. I can just imagine Zawahiri putting the word out to the sleeper cells who are already in this country illegally to hurry up and immediately file for your 601H visa the moment the bill becomes law and the door opens.

Now, who was it that `isn't doing right by America' Mr. President ?


Anonymous said...

If we're going to build a wall down south to keep out muslim extremists, we should build one up north. Canada has more muslims than Mexico I think.

That's not to say that the illegal immigration problem shouldn't be dealt with, we just need to look at our motivations.

Anonymous said...

..... nothing to see here, just go shopping.......nothing to see here, go to the malls & shop.......move along, nothing to see here.......

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all.

You know, Nazar, I'm all in favor of controlling both borders, although I think you're mistaken about Canada having more Muslims than Latin America.( It's not just Mexico)

Plus there are more hardline jihadi cells in places like Trinidad, Guyana, Salvador, Belize,Argentina,Jamaica, Paraguay and other Latin countries than there are in Canada.

Additionally, the Canadian government is not actively collaborating with illegal immigration like the Mexicans are. The game is simply different.

Illegal immigration ought to be a security issue first and an economic one second, something that is aopparently lost on the current occupant of the White House.


Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say ameriki needing for rmember mentally retarded black mans in florida. big terrorists, like bush say or all lie. A. Big lie.

usa government so afraid now. him army man getting the picked off every day more and more
to reach the majic number of him ten black body bags each day as
gift for ameriki people.

him legal strategy to backfire and them finding themselves face the war crimes charge.

him ameriki ruler elites make up the even more lies each day for mind control ameriki people.

Soon maybe braveheart ameriki leading resistance against israeli spies in whitehouse
and pentagon--then aemrika be the free once again .

this bible justice. masters in tel aviv thinking: yes, we send our slaves the ameriki
for attack our enemy him arab. then so confident. who can estimation that total ameriki
society destroy and israeli masters face the true destruction. that why this bible justice.

Freedom Fighter said...

This one speaks for itself.I leave posts like this up so that people will get a clue as to the mindset of these evil people.

Well, Jihadi,the Bible ALSO says that G-d will judge the nations by how they have treated Israel and the Jews. Wouldn't wanna be ya or your jihad buddies on that day.

Speaking of which...when you left this comment, your computer registered an electronic `fingerprint'onsite that shows where you are and leaves a copy on your hard drive.

I've informed the authorities so they can take a closer look at your activities.

Run and hide,jihadi. And thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

FF, you shouldn't have told him about notifying the authorities! Now he'll know better than to speak his mind again.

Oh, wait, maybe our hadji friend didn't even understand you. His grammar didn't seem stellar, even by my public school standards.