Wednesday, June 20, 2007

`DubaiLand' touted to be the new Disneyworld - and a Jew free zone

Some of President Bush's most favorite Arab pals have a massive new project they're working on - `DubaiLand.'

It is a major project featuring all new hotels, golf courses, malls and amusement parks. In short, 'Dubailand' aims to be a Middle East Orlando, Florida . The entire project is being overseen by the Dubai government owned Dubai Holding,through its Tatweer subsidiary.

As a matter of fact, at an estimated two billion square feet, DubaiWorld will actually be larger than the entire city of Orlando!

The idea on this and a number of other ambitious hotel and leisure projects is to more than double the number of tourists to 15 million by 2015.

Unless, of course you're a Jew, in which case the entire country is officially off limits and haram (forbidden).

All of the massive development - including the 100-million-dollar purchase of the Queen Elizabeth 2 ( slated to be a luxury floating hotel), the world's largest transparent snow dome ,a Universal Studios theme park under construction that is part of the 2.2-billion-dollar Universal City Dubai, with 4,000 hotel rooms and some 100 restaurants, and of course, Tiger Woods Dubai - a 25-million-square-foot golf course and community featuring palaces and mansions slated for completion by September 2009 will all be de facto Jew free and `restricted.'

Not tomention the fact that Dubai, of course, is an enthusiastic participant in the Israel boycott, which is contrary to US law.

Now, far be it from me to complain about people making money...but I wonder why no one in the media has asked Tiger Woods, Universal, or any of the other foreign investors about their justification in participating financially and lending their names to this kind of bigotry and racism?

Uhh, whatever happened to the divestment crowd, or all those self proclaimed `liberals' in the mainstream media?

Ohhhh, I get it. They're all on vacation. Maybe in Dubai. Playing golf or something.


Razii said...

Nonsense propaganda. There was never any law like that in UAE. Any Jew from any country (other than Israel) can enter UAE. However, there is a law against Israeli citizens to enter UAE. If your passport has Israeli stamp, that will also cause problem with entering UAE. And what's your problem with that? Israel and Arabs are at war. Why should they allow Israelis (an enemy state) to enter UAE? It's not easy for Arabs from other countries (especially the one with no diplomatic relations with Israel -- like Syria --) to enter Israel either.

Besides, When South Africa was an apartheid state, many govt didn't allow it's citizens to use the passport to enter South Africa. Also, it was not easy for South African to travel to other countries that had boycotted South Africa. Israel is an apartheid state that is occupying West Bank, East Jerusalem and building illegally settlements on Palestinian land in violation of 4th Geneva Convention. Let them end their persecution of Palestinians before they be allowed to visit any Arab/Muslim state.

Freedom Fighter said...

Amirk, you are simply either not telling the truth or are misinformed. I hate to say it, but it is a fact.

Our own State Department confirmed that the UAE requested that no American Jew be appointed to any diplomatic position in our embassies there.

What's more, no Jews of any nationality are allowed to reside in the UAE, nor is there a single Jewish place of worship. You might also want to do some research and find out what happened to the almost 1 million Jews in the Arab world after 1948. Hint: they didn't just go on vacation and voluntarily not return.

When people like you say `Israeli' or `Zionist' you invariably mean `Jew'. Are you OK with that kind of racism?

I won't dignify the remarks about the `apartheid state' with an answer except to tell you it would amuse a lot of the Arabs that live there,vote and participate in every facet of Israeli life....something the UAE CAN'T say with regard to Jews, who aren't even allowed to exist there.

Likewise, if Israel and the Arabs are at war, as you say..why haven't the Israelis simply wiped out the `Palestinians' and occupied ALL the land? Why do Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic relations with them? And why, if they're at war, did Israel become the only country in the Middle East to give the so-called `Palestinians' so much as a square dunam of land to call their own under Oslo?

What has the UAE ever done for the `Palestinians' except use them for dupes and shock troops in order to evade reality and have an excuse for not dealing with the idea of Jews living in their own land in the Middle East?

Thanks for dropping by.

Razii said...

You provided no source for your claims. However, I can easy disprove you by giving examples of Jews who have visited Dubai. Here is one

American Jockey, David Cohen, who is a Jew, won Dubai Golden Shaheen (horse race) in 2006

What I said about Israelis (not any Jew from any country) not allowed entrance to UAE was correct. I already explained in the previous post why that is justified. Post some examples of Syrians and Iranians who were allowed to visit Israel.

As for your other claims, NO Palestinian in West Bank, Gaza (and even many in East Jerusalem) can vote in Israeli election. Don't play stupid games. When people say Israel is an apartheid state, they are talking about Palestinian population occupied after 1967 (who can't vote in Israeli elections) -- not "Israeli Arabs" -- a term used by Israelis for Arabs inside Israel since 1948 (and before 1967).

Also, Palestinians are under Israeli military law -- while the settlers living next door are under Israeli civilian law. If a settler living next door to Palestinians in Hebron, rapes and murders a Palestinian girl -- PA can't arrest him (they can't arrest any Jewish settler in occupied territory). He will be arrested by Israeli police and the case will go to Israeli civilian court. If a Palestinian throws a stone at a Jewish settler in Hebron, he will be arrested and judged by Israeli MILITARY court. So based on religion/ethnicity, DIFFERENT laws for different people living next door: Jewish settlers, Israeli civilian court -- Palestinians, Israeli military court. Also, even when Palestinians in Hebron are suffering from shortage of water -- Jewish settlement next door will have swimming pools.

Bottom line: Jewish settlers in West Bank can vote in Israeli election and help in the selection of Israeli Defense Minister who will have power over the lives of Palestinians who can't vote in Israeli elections and have no say in that decision. A minority (Jewish settlers are a minority in West Bank) elect people that rule over majority (Palestinians are a huge majority in West Bank). And you are claiming there is no apartheid? Pardon me while I laugh.

As for 1 million Jews in Arab countries who moved to Israel after 1948, there is a big difference between those and Palestinian refugees of 1948. The Zionist movement WANTED Jews to emigrate to Israel. Without Jewish migration to Israel, you can't have a Jewish majority state in Palestine. That's very different situation than Palestinian refugees who were NOT wanted by Arab countries. Don't you see the difference? In one case, you have a Zionist movement that WANTS Jews from other countries to move to Israel, so they can have a Jewish majority state. In the second case, you have Palestinians who are forced as refugees to neighboring countries who don't want them. Some Israeli Jews even claim that in 1950s Israel placed bombs in synagogue in Iraq so that Jews in Iraq would leave and move to Israel (search goggle). Whether you accept those claims about Iraq or not, the basic principle is still valid. Zionists WANTED Jews to move to Israel so Jews can have a state in which Jews are a majority.

Freedom Fighter said...

Gee snuck through! I guess the Emirate really wanted to promote the race that year!

The other stuff on the UAE remains unanswered,( since it's true an dwe both know it) so let's move on to your points on Israel.

1) Syrians and Iranians don't visit Israel because those countries do not allow their citizens to go there. If they did, the handful of Jews left in those countries would long since have left..along with most of the remaining Christians, Ba'hais,etc. However, Jordanians and Egyptians go to Israel frequently,just as Israelis go to those countries.

2) Please tell me why Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (the West bank)should be allowed to vote in Israeli elections, since they're not citizens? Does the Emirates allow non-citizens to vote? Oh, sorry, I forgot. NOBODY in the Emirates votes!

However, Arabs who are Israeli citizens can and do. Some of them even serve in the IDF.

3) let's talk about this so-called `occupation' for a minute,speaking of jokes. You really need to learn a little history.

The Arabs received 78% of the Palestine Mandate from the British in 1923..everything east of the Jordan. When the UN established Israel in 1948,it divided the remaing 22 % between the Jews and Arabs, something the Jews accepted and the Arabs didn't. Instead,they tried to grab ALL of it...and lost bigtime.

Gaza, East Jerusalem and the area now known as the West Bank were never officially a part of any country. Egypt and Jordan simply held it because that's where the ceasefire lines were.

In 1967, the Arabs tried to take everything again, and once again got their behinds wacked. Now Israel held that land because that's where the ceasefire lines were.

So they have as good a claim as anyone,perhaps better.

Chew on this..if King Hussein hadn't believed Nasser's BS and attacked Israel in 1967, Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem would still be just the way you'd like it - Jew free.

Is it Israel's fault that the Arabs do better fighting unarmed women and kids than they do the IDF?

And while we're talking about that-if you didn't have an inherent problem with Jews living anywhere,what's the problem with them living in Judea and Samaria? Hmmm?

3) Damn straight the Arabs who live in the Israeli areas and are not citizens live under Israeli law. It's a necessity because of their murderous ways.

However, the vast majority of the people you call `Palestinians' live under the rule of the Palestinian Authority, and vote in their own elections. That's how Hamas got in, remember? Is it Israel's fault that Hamas and Fatah are nothing but corrupt, murderous thugs who care more about killing Jews than the welfare of their own people?

Any Israeli resident of a place like Hebron who committed the crimes you suggest would be tried and jailed. When was the last time the the `palestinians' ever punished anyone for killing a Jewish civilian?

4) You're right that there's a big difference between the almost 1 million Jews who `moved' to Israel after 1948 and the Palestinians.

Those Jews didn't `move' they were driven out, ethnically cleansed and they had no choice in the matter. These people came to Israel with the clothes on their backs if they were lucky. For you to suggest that it was somehow voluntary because of `Zionism' is not only innaccurate but incredibly cruel and racist.

Many ( admittedly, not all) of the `Palestinians' had a choice in 1948. They could either rely on their Arab `brothers' to kill all the Jews in Israel and then come back once the fighting was done
( why do you think they brought those famous house keys with them?) or they could stay where they were and hope for the best, which about 100,000 of them did.

The ones who bet on the Arabs lost, because a funny thing happened on the way to the jihad.

The ones who stayed in Israel ended up winners, living in a free society and as full citizens.

The Jews in the arab world never had that choice.

See, unlike the Arabs, the Jews did not drive every single Arab out of their lands - not in 1948, and not in 1967.

And here's the other important difference, Amirk.

Israel took in its Jewish refugees, made them citizens and integrated them into their country, all without a penny from the UN.

The Arabs, with millions of dollars in aid form the UN shut their refugees in squalid camps and did diddly squat for fact, many of them are still there, in hellholes like ein al hilwa in Lebanon.

And yeah, I can understand you being ashamed of that and being in denial about it, if nothing else.

It's fine with me if you hate Jews and hate Israel..but at least stop lying to yourself about it and trying to justify it, OK?

Don't mistake me for some mindless drone who doesn't know anything about the Middle East.



Razii said...

You lied that no Jew from any country is allowed in UAE, and I proved you wrong by giving a counter example (there are many more famous examples -- tennis players and other famous people -- Dave Marsh is a Jew -- let alone everyday unknown Jews who visit UAE -- like the ones on this Jewish forum Your excuse? One "snuck through."

No one is asked their religion at the airport when they enter UAE. Only the passport is checked for visa. Even a four-year old can see your idiocy.

Israelis are not allowed in UAE, and they shouldn't be allowed -- just like South Africans were not allowed during apartheid. South Africans were not allowed even in Olympics. Why should Israel get special privileges? Let them end their apartheid and occupation and we will see then.

I don't accept any of your claim about Jordan, Palestine, UN partition, 1948 war, 1967 war (started by Israel --, occupation, and settlements. Dozens of books have been written about these topics -- even by Israeli and Jewish historians like Ilan Pape and Avi Shlaim, for example. Anyone can go to amazon and buy books by Israeli historian Avi Shlaim and see that ALL your claims about history are disputed. No need to rehash all that here. The topic is Dubai and Arab/Muslim boycott of Israel, and as far as they are concerned, the boycott is justified -- just as it was justified against South Africa.
You tried to claim that all Jews are forbidden to enter UAE, and I proved you wrong.

I intended to stop here, but since you asked me what's the problem with Jews living in West Bank, I will answer it (even though the debate is completely off-topic and has been discussed a million times).

If Jews want to live in the West Bank and Gaza, they have to live as Palestinian citizens under Palestinian law and enter the territory legally with permission (just as Mexicans are called illegal when they enter the US without permission). It's a violation of 4th Geneva Convention for occupying forces to move it's own civilian population to the occupied land. Jews cannot live in the West Bank as special people living under different laws (Israeli civilian law -- unlike Palestinians who are under Israeli military law), special rights, and special privileges. A Jewish minority living on the same land with Palestinians on the West Bank cannot rule the majority. Jews can't have special laws, special privileges, Jews-only roads, different water and electricity supply. They can't control all the resources (such as water) and borders. No Palestinian can enter or leave the West Bank without the permission of Jews (who are minority) because Israel controls the borders. That was exactly the same situation in South Africa under apartheid. Blacks had to vote in their own elections (different elections than whites), had to live under different laws, and couldn't enter white-only settlements where whites had special privileges -- bigger better houses with swimming pools, cleaner water -- while black were living in bantustans with limited self-government. The situation is exactly the same today in West Bank. Thus, the word apartheid is perfect to describe the situation.

I also stand by everything I wrote about Jewish and Palestinian refugees. Palestinians were driven out and even Israeli historian Benny Morris admits that (see his book on refugees). Palestinians went as refugees to neighboring countries who didn't want them. The situation was different for Jewish refugees who were ENCOURAGED by Zionists to move to Israel (not just Arab Jews but Jews everywhere-- such as Jews in Eastern Europe and Russia). You can't have a Jewish state in the Middle East if no Jew moves to your new country! Since the whole ideology of Zionism is to encourage Jews to move to Israel, what's the big surprise that Arab, Ukrainian, and Russian Jews were welcomed and settled in Israel? That was the GOAL of Zionism! There is no similarity between Palestinian and Jewish refugees.

Freedom Fighter said...

Well, Amirk...speaking of lying, I suggest you read the following, by Joan Peters `From Time Immemorial'.

Ms. Peters is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter who went to the Middle East to write a book about the plight of the Palestinian refugees.

She went to original Ottoman and British sources, and I suggest you read what she came up with.

For you to say that the almost 1 million Jews who were forced out their homes in the Arab world left voluntarily `because of Zionism' is a lie, a distortion of fact and demonstrably so.

I suggest you google Gush Etzion to find out about one of those `voluntary moves'.

Ilan Pappe, Uri Averney, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and a host of other extremely Leftist, anti-American and anti-Israeli Jews
(although most of them no longer consider themselves Jews)have a point of view that, quite frankly has no basis in fact and merely feeds the fantasy of people with your viewpoint, something they earn money and notoriety with.

Not a single one of them will debate their views in an open forum. If those are your `sources' welcome to them.

As for Benny Morris, he's changed his opinions quite a bit. While, as I did, he recognizes that some Arabs were forced out of Israel by the circumstances of the genocidal war launched against Israel, the fact is that many of the Arab `refugees' had the exact choice I mentioned above. Some stayed, and some didn't.

None of the Jewish refugees were given that choice.

And the fact remains thatthe Israelis resettled THEIR refugees, and the Arabs didn't.

You never answered one thing..if Israel is `apartheid', why are there Arab judges, legislators, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, journalists, even IDF members? Are you seriously suggesting that Israel doesn't allow its Arab citizens to vote in the same elections with everybody else?

And, why didn't they kick ALL the Arabs out of Israel in 1948 if they were doing so deliberately, the way the Arabs did with the Jews?

BTW, the reason `Palestinians' can't leave the West Bank without permission isn't due to Israel. If, as you say , Israel wanted to completely take over the West Bank, they would encourage non-Israeli Arabs to leave.

It's your pals in Jordan who control that situation, and no Palestinian can cross over to Jordan without a visa..which they can only get by special circumstances, or by posting a cash bond with the Jordanian government to make sure they leave.

You really ought to learn a little bit about what you're talking about.

As for Dubai,tell me something..if a Jew ( not an Israeli) went there and wanted to pray, or walked around with a Jewish star on or wearing Hasidic garb or a religious skullcap, what would happen?

We know the answer, don't we?

The occasional Jew may slip through, but it is the official policy of Dubai to discriminate against them and to deny them visas whenever possible...unless they want one to promote their sports events or for some other special purpose.

Tell me Amirk...would an Arab with an Israeli passport be subject to the same prohibitions as an Israeli Jew when it comes to entering Dubai? Again, we know the answer.

I'm afraid you're going to have to sell your racism and disinformation somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

i would like to thank you for your original comment.
several months ago in this forum, i postulated that all those lines you see on maps of the M/E are meaningless. those lines are intended to represent the borders of nation states. there are no nation states in the M/E except, of course, israel.
you have confirmed my hypothesis. and i thank you.
an arab wouldn't know a nation state if it fell on him.
your statement of israel and arabs are at war is the confirmation i needed.
all the arabs have are despots/tyrants to run what they so-call countries. and i am being generous when i call them countries.
so let's be honest.
sorry, forgot who/what i was dealing with.
so this is how it is.
the arabs are pissed because the jooos have built a modern nation state founded on written man made law.
they took a portion of the desert that no one was using to build this.
you want to see what would happen if the jooos left israel, look at gaza. i'm sure you would find it a paradise. or at least i hope you would.
you and your anhedonic society can't stand to see the jooos success so you whine and cry to the eunuchs of the world who now make foreign policy for pity and money.
why don't the saudi royal family help out with money?. why did the jordanians kick the pally out of jordan?
what is it with you people?
it's always the joooos with you people.
please don't take any of my comments personally Smirk.
they were not intended for you.
it was my intention to insult, defame, and ridicule your failed culture as a whole.
why don't you go clean your AK-47 or burn an american flag or something?

Freedom Fighter said...

Owwch! That's gotta leave a mark..

Razii said...

"Joan Peters `From Time Immemorial'"

Joan Peters? LOL. No wonder you are so misinformed. Joan Peters book has been discredited as a hoax even by Israel historians like Yehoshua Porath. I cited scholars and historians and you cited a popular author Joan Peters whose book has been discredited by scholars.

There is no point wasting time on you. There can't be a debate with someone who isn't even honest.

Razii said...

"the arabs are pissed because the jooos have built a modern nation state founded on written man made law."

UAE has a higher GDP per capita than Israel (as does Qatar) -- withhout bllions of aid money that Israel gets. UAE is far more developed and better place than anywhere in Israel. Jews didn't make desert bloom (Palestinians already were doing that pre-1948). That's just another hoax that Zionists parrot on every site (copying each other and Joan Peters) without really checking into it.

Freedom Fighter said...

Joan Peters `discredited'? Only in the minds of people like you Amirk.

see, the odd thing about Ms. Peters' book is that she went to the Middle East intending to write a pro-Palestinian book..until she checked the British and Ottoman sources and saw what really happened.

And she's by no means alone, as you know perfectly well.

I think it's a major stretch to call people like Porath,Pappe and the others mentioned `historians'.

What they are is political hacks with a degree and an agenda whom no objective scholar takes seriously, who make money and notoriety writing to a given audience..PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

Just like the case of Jimmy Carter,the Arabs pay pretty good for shills that parrot the party line.

But that's fine, Amirk. stay with the fantasy.

It's much more palatable and less shameful for you than the reality.

Oh,by the way, the aid Israel receives ( 80% of which is spent here in the US) is dwarfed by what America gives the Arab world.

And given the advances (and Nobel prizes) Israel has achieved in agriculture, in science, in high tech, in human rights, and in number of fields as compared to their more backward neighbors, one could only imagine what they would do with the oil money the UAE has.


Anonymous said...

This is the sort of shit Arabs like Amirk are weaned on from the cradle. You will never convince them of anything.

I'm Coptic Christian from Egypt, and Arab, and we were told the same lies that it was all the Jews fault.

Only after feeling the Muslim hatred on myself and my family and coming to the US did I get to see the other side and know some Jews, including Israeli and find out some truth.

Egypt walled off the Palestinians and don't let them in unless with special permission.Jordan is the same.

If the Arabs take over Israel, they will turn it into garbage just like their countries.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Freedom Fighter! Louielouie too.

I agree with everything you said, but getting beyond the politics and propaganda, here are some indisputable facts:

1) Jews have existed, and persisted, in the land known as Israel since long before a Muslim roamed the earth.
2) Jews are willing to co-exist with others.
3) Every effort to remove Israelis from Israel has resulted in the attackers being utterly vanquished.

My opinion:
1) Jews will continue to exist in the land known as Israel.
2) Jews remain willing to co-exist with others.
3) Every effort to remove Israelis from Israel will result in the attackers being spanked like babies...again!

For what it's worth, I know Amirk will disagree with me, so...whatever.

Anonymous said...

mr amirk, you are totally blind and your heart is full of hate towards Jews...JEWs did not steal any land, they are not illegal in their own land.

I advise you start looking for the truth now, its available everywhere just open your eyes and your heart.

God bless Israel and its people!