Saturday, June 23, 2007

What happens to moderate Muslims - Britain's first Muslim MP resigns after death threats

Britain's first Muslim MP is going to resign after receiving numerous death threats.

Mohammad Sarwar, who became Britain's first Muslim MP ( Labour- Glasgow) in 1997, said he feared the lives of he and his family were in danger after a number of death threats.

Sarwar was instrumental in arranging for the extradition of murderers Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq after they fled to Pakistan.

The trio got life imprisonment after kidnapping, torturing and murdering teenager Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004. The judge in the case, Lord Uist, said Kriss, 15, had been selected as a victim "only because he was white" and because he was walking in an area where the three men were looking for a white victim.

The murderers fled to Pakistan after the murder and were only extradited to Britain to stand trial after 18 months of negotiations involving PM Tony Blair and British and Pakistani authorities. Sarwar was an important part of this because of his high-level connections in Pakistan.

MP Sarwar said he realized the risks of intervening but knew that "it was the right thing to do".

Sarwar, 54, told the Daily Record: "Life is not the same, to be honest with you, since I brought them back. I was subjected to threats.

"I was told they wanted to punish my family and make a horrible example of my son - they would do to him what they did to Kriss Donald. I received threats to my life, to murder my sons, to murder my grandchildren."

Now you know why more moderate, peace loving Muslims are a little reluctant to stick their necks out and take a stand. Ultimately of course, they need to do so anyway, since keeping their heads down that may end up with them being lumped in with their violent fascist brethren.

Here's hoping that doesn't happen.

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Anonymous said...

if this were the early 1940s, MI5 & MI6 would be all over this. you don't threaten MP without paying the consequences.
i wonder if they are going to change UK to UD.
d for dhimmitude.