Sunday, May 15, 2011

Commemorating a Failed Genocide - 'Nakba Day'

Over the weekend Israel was assaulted by a series of violent riots on its borders.Thousands attempted to breach the Israeli borders from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, along with an Arab terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv, where an Arab truck driver injured 17 Israelis and killed one, using his truck as a weapon.

The rioters are being tagged by the dinosaur media as 'protesters' involved in a non-violent march into Israeli territory. Of, course, they're not explaining why 14 Israeli soldiers ended up getting wounded. There are plenty of vids are out showing that the border infiltrators were armed with rocks,bottles, firebombs, knives and whatever else they could get their hands on. Their intention wasn't peaceful in the least.

Anyone familiar with Syria and Lebanon knows this was co-ordinated with those governments. In Lebanon, the 'Palestinians' are virtually prisoners in camps like Ein-al-Hewar, and are forbidden to work at most jobs, own property or leave the camps without permission. Pretty much the same deal in Syria, and my IDF sources confirm that nobody gets near the Syria/Israel border unless the government wants them there.

What Assad wanted was a confrontation that would look bad for Israel in the media and would focus attention away from the carnage Assad's forces have unleashed on their own people , but not one so bad that the Israelis decided to take retaliation against Syria directly.

As it was, 10-12 'demonstrators' ended up being shot by the IDF as they tried to storm the border and destroy the border fence.

The protests were coordinated to mark what the 'Palestinians' refer to as the Nakba, the Catastrophe AKA the creation of Israel. What the nakba is actually 'commemorating' is the failed attempt at he genocide of every Jew in Israel by the Arabs in 1948, something a lot of the people who call themselves 'Palestinians' were willing participants in then and would be wiling participants in today.

The Israelis were expecting protests on Nakba day, but they were caught unprepared for 1,000 or so people rushing the border at one time.

So they were caught in a nasty conundrum, since the right of self -defense appears to be granted to every country but Israel. They could allow the 'protesters' to overrun Israel, which would essentially mean the end of the country, or they could do their best to push them back over the border with as few casualties as possible, which is essentially what they did.

It's worth noting that there are UN peacekeeping forces headquarters near both areas where the border was breached. They did absolutely nothing to stop this from occurring.

There's actually a fairly simple solution for Israel to prevent this in the future.. just mine the borders.It's worked fairly well for India in cutting down infiltration along the border they share with Pakistan, especially in Kashmir.

Contrary to what the usual suspects are saying, this has nothing to do with the so-called 'Arab Spring'. There's no such thing, just the Arabs moving from one sort of secular despotism to another one based on Islam, just like Gaza's rule went from Fatah to Hamas.

This is actually a positive development. Fatah aligning with Hamas, the events in Egypt and last weekend's happenings have pretty much convinced most Israelis that Oslo and the whole Land for peace garbage was pretty much always a trojan horse . What the majority of Arabs want is the Jews dead, and that was true before Israel ever became a state. Anything the Israelis give up to the Arabs just becomes a closer place for the Arabs to shoot at them from.

Eventually this situation is going to be resolved one way or the other, and I don't think it's going to be in the 'Palestinian's ' favor. Despite all the rhetoric, their fellow Arabs really don't care all that much about them, which is why most of them are still in refugee camps, are not allowed to enter Egypt without special permission and have been expelled en masse from countries like Iraq and Kuwait, among others.

Meanwhile the 'Palestinians' make useful dupes and distractions as poster children for the one thing that unites most Arabs - hatred of Jews and a desire to see Israel destroyed.

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