Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pakistan And NATO Forces Exchange Fire

Yet another confrontation with our 'ally' Pakistan...

In what's being described as an 'incident' at Admi Kot Post in the North Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan, Pakistani ground troops opened fire on two NATO helicopters that they claim crossed into Pakistan’s airspace from Afghanistan early this morning, according to a Pakistani Army statement. There was a brief firefight afterwards between NATO forces and Pakistani troops, and according to the Pakistanis two of their soldiers were wounded in the fighting.

This is an area that basically has been ceded to the Taliban and the tribes that Pakistan only marginally controls. It's a stronghold in particular of the Haqqani network, a jihadi group supported by Pakistan's notorius ISI intelligence service. Haqqani fighters regularly cross into Afghanistan to attack our troops.

This is not the first time that NATO and Pakistani forces have exchanged fire. Eight months ago, a similar incident left two Pakistani soldiers dead.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani is en route to China, obviously sending a message to the Obama Administration that they have other options.

Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee flew to Pakistan over the weekend to try and smooth over things in the wake of the fall out over the Osama bin-Laden killing. Based ontoday's events, he didn't make much progress.

Bottom line is that we can't trust the Pakistanis, and they certainly don't trust us.

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1 comment:

louielouie said...

i don't think the pakys trusting us ever was an issue.
the pakys certainly don't like us.
they just like our jizyha.