Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mitch Daniels Won't Run In 2012

Another one bites the dust....

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels decided to pull the plug on a presidential run and informed his followers in a midnight e-mail:

“I hope this reaches you before the public news does," Daniels wrote. "If so, please respect my confidence for the short time until I can make it known to all."

"The counsel and encouragement I received from important citizens like you caused me to think very deeply about becoming a national candidate. In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, but that, the interests and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all. If I have disappointed you, I will always be sorry."

"If you feel that this was a non-courageous or unpatriotic decision, I understand and will not attempt to persuade you otherwise. I only hope that you will accept my sincerity in the judgment I reached," he wrote.

"Many thanks for your help and input during this period of reflection. Please stay in touch if you see ways in which an obscure Midwestern governor might make a constructive contribution to the rebuilding of our economy and our Republic.”

I admit, I'm not at all unhappy about his decision. Daniels had a number of foreign policy positions and other items I found extremely questionable.

So the search by the GOP establishment goes on for the RINO anti-Romney.

Let's see...Barbour's out, Trump's out, Huckabee's out, Gingrich might as well be out. That leaves Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and (snicker) Ron Paul who are definitely in, with John Huntsman and Michelle Bachmann leaning towards running.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the GOP establishment start beating the drums for Jeb Bush any day now.

And there's a certain housewife in Wasilla who has expressed some interest....and so far, she seems to be sitting back and watching the other circus acts eliminate each other, as I guessed she'd do.

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B.Poster said...

"I wouldn't be at all surprised to the GOP establsihment start beating the drums for Jeb Bush any day now." I wouldn't be surprised either. After all they are just that stupid or perhaps they are that driven by ideology. Ideology makes people stupid. The end result is the same.

If they do, this would be an exceedingly bad idea for them. When George W. Bush left office, he left office as the most despised person in American politics. While many Americans may not like the policies of Barack Obama, they generally do not dislike him personally. This was not the case with former President Bush. The American public not only loathed his policies but by the time he was done they loathed him on a personal level and largely still do. As such, the RNC would be wise to steer clear of the Bushes or any thing named "Bush."

SecondComingOfBast said...

I'm thinking they go with Pawlenty, on the logic that he is probably the closest thing to a compromise of the Republican establishment and the Tea Party. But my guess is that Bachman will destroy him in Iowa, Romney will take New Hampshire and, if Cain takes South Carolina, that could leave Palin free to come in there and sweep most of the remaining states.

All we have to do is take the Paulbots off to the side and remind them that, no matter what they might have heard to the contrary, they only get one vote per person in the primaries.

Freedom Fighter said...

If she gets into it, I think Sarah Palin is a cinch to take Iowa and South Carolina, and likely the nomination

I like Herman Cain, but he knows very little about foreign policy.

Michelle Bachman is a bit too gaffe prone, unfortunately. Also, I think if Palin gets in, she won't.

Tim Pawlenty is a good guy, but he's too 'Minnesota nice' and lacks the fire to really put it to Obama. I think he'd be a bit out of his depth.